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  2. This tactic is Epic. Took over OM after they just promoted from League 2. Very low quality players compared to PSG. First 10 games, no OI, no tweaks
  3. I had GREAT success with most of your tactics. People need to understand, there are no Diablo tactics for 2020. Takes longer to achieve success, but feels more realistic
  4. I think it has to do a lot with the season expectations. All TTF tactics will help you greatly overachieve as long as you are an underdog. Once you are regarded as a title challenger, Opposition teams will try to explore your weakness rather than attacking you.
  5. Great Work TFF. First season after i took over. Leicester had a average squad. Used Cerber 3 the whole time. Winning PL with 85 points, is not common, but still impressive results.
  6. TTF, You did it again. Tactic works great. Thank you 1st Season, predicted 2nd and promoted easily: 2nd Season, predicted 14, Won the title after winning both regular season an playoff. With most of my team around 100 CA, i made it to CL group stage:
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