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  1. The player in question is an Argentinean CB who i bought to the club 4 years ago. He's been essentially a rotation/starter player for two years at least now and he supports me and has me as his favorite personnel. Despite this however, we're not even considered to be acquaintances. We have no relationship? Another problem i don't quite understand is that I have the editor disabled for the playthrough but I'm not getting any points at all for the scoreboard?
  2. I played Fm 2019 my guy and I had to win the premier League 4 times in a row along with multiple Carabao and FA cups to get Legend status. It's just supposed to be harder imo for Managers. Especially at storied clubs. The gap between Icon and Legend is huge.
  3. I meant Trophy-case achievements. they had 4 when I joined and they have 8 now.
  4. There's nothing that feels better than finding a generational prospect at a position that you already have a star in. I can already smell that cash Man City are about to throw my way. Also the player thing happened to me with a prospect I bought in at midfield. dude was captain and easily the best player at the club for a couple of seasons before I caught some other prospects. He was barely favored personeel despite setting records when we climbed up from the Vanarama. I've almost never seen a defender make it to Legend honestly. The system is too biased to forwards and wings.
  5. The weird part is when one of my players gets revered more than me. But then again I guess thats how it really is in real life. Players get the fame over Coaches and Managers.
  6. I've been at Stockport which at the point in my save at which I joined them were a Vanaram National Team. I've since doubled their trophy collection over two and half years, winning both the Vanarama National and Sky Bet League 2. Despite all this I'm still only considered Favored Personnel while a Striker I bought in for a season and half before re-selling is already an icon? Feels kind of unrealistic to not be a legend of a club if you just match their best achievements?
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