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  1. Hey Tff, Do you think that telling players "i have faith in you" before match in individual teamtalk makes any difference in team performance? I have been using this for years and my players always get green reactions. Another question is if i sign a assistant with motivation attribute of 20, should i always let him do general teamtalks? Thanks
  2. Hey tff, I wanted to ask which teamtalk routine do you use or do you maybe have your own? I found artisans guide for fm 2017, seems pretty good. And do you use any shouts for your tactics and if you use which? Do you think they change tactics mentality when used or not? Thanks
  3. I dont know if this question is already asked but what should i do if my player gets red card? Take out striker and switch to shield wall or just continue playing with cerber? Played in european championship and was doing great in knockout with Serbia against France and than Grujic got red card and i took off Jovic. Later in the game they got red card too, but it affected my team more than them. They were still making more chances in 10vs10, its because they have better players i guess.
  4. How well does instant result work with this tactics?
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