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  1. Never mind ... I'll stop to play FM when when i'll get tired of resizing columns in my current FM20 save ...
  2. It's all lexical field. Then it's awesome to use a product that won't be finished ! I really enjoy to spend my time resizing columns which go away at the other side of the screen.
  3. Hi, It's just a scandal many bugs I reported a year ago in FM20, and some people are victims too, have never been fixed yet. I have already had to give up a long time save because calendar and winter breaks didn't work in the championship I played, so I started a new save but even after FM21 release, there are some bugs (already reported) that are always present in the game. Will there be a last update to solve never fixed bugs in FM20 ?
  4. Hello, I'm looking to modify the status players icons in YACS skin. : in my language, left icon is for "Wanted" & right icon is for "Scouted", where can I change these traductions ? In the following image, I want to modify the grey background color of schedules descriptions, how to do that ? Also, how can I change status icons colors ? Finally, I subscribed to YACS on Steam so I currently have a .fmf file, how can I access the XML config files to modify the skin ?
  5. Hello, Since my Shakhtar save is unplayable, I look for a new club to manage and get addicted to this new save, preferably in Eastern Europe. Which club do you advise me ? I thought about NK Osijek (Croatia), Levski Sofia (Bulgaria), FK Krasnodar (Russia), Slavia Praha (Czech Rep) ... Which one of them do you think is the more interesting to play ?
  6. I'm facing a lot of bugs in my current save with Shakhtar in Ukrainian Premier League, all these bugs are reported & under reviewed by SI but, due to development delay, it seems SI didn't plan to update FM20 soon. My current FM20 experience is horrible, but I don't want to lose this save as it is my first "full game" since I play FM (I began on FM19, 2 months before FM20 be released). So I wonder if I can "rebuild" my save using the pre-game editor and creating a new database with, at least, all changes I got with Shakhtar in my current save. Otherwise, I tested to simulate a new
  7. I don't see any status message ... so would it be a bug as I assume ?
  8. Thanks for you responses. Because of Marlos and Junior Moraes cases, I thought the game the game allowed bi-nationality in Ukraine but it doesn't seem to be true here, same as IRL. However, it's a pity there is not a message informing us of the player's choice about his wish or his refusal to get a second nationality. There is an eligibility counter but no way to know why the player doesn't get the nationality.
  9. So what about Marlos and Junior Moraes ? To get ukrainian citizenship, you need to continuously work/live in Ukraine during 5 years.
  10. Hello, The following player completed his days to be eligible to Ukrainian nationality but I had not any message informing me if he would get a second nationality or not. I had the same problem with another player of the team for whom I didn't get any message either and he never got ukrainian nationality. Since I have some issues in my save, with the ukrainian premier league and the database, I wonder if it's a bug or not ? Also, what is the process to have a player getting a second nationality ?
  11. It would be simpler & more ergonomic to have the possibility to directly give some basic player instructions by right-clicking on the player name during matches. For example, add the "Ease off tackles" instruction to the contextual menu in order to giving faster this instruction when one of our players take a yellow card.
  12. Hello, Do I need to activate/add championships & countries to my current game to send in loan or transfer players in these countries' clubs ? I play with Shakhtar, so will I be able to sell a player to a Chinese Super League club if the chinese 1st division is not activated in my game ? I have the following championships currently active : https://imgur.com/a/1qMKrKN Which ones should I delete ? (I want to keep only those which are useful for loaning/selling players)
  13. My reserve team is currently in Druha Liha (3rd division of Ukraine) while FM20 vanilla only allows to activate Persha Liha (2nd division), so I can't see the calendar and matches of my B team and of all Druha Liha clubs. For now, I can only schedule friendlies. I have to wait for the reserve moves up to Persha Liha, so I'll be able to use B team as a fitness farm and make my first team players available for it. But I need to know if I recruit more coaches for my reserve and if I send some of my players in this team, will these changes have an impact on the B team next results while
  14. Hello, I constantly try to know how is my current team behavior with passes on the terrain but until now I never saw a tool allowing me to determine if my team feels at ease with long/short passes in the today match. It would be nice to add a long/short passes meter to the in-match stats for our team and the opponent, allowing the player to adapt his tactic to actual situation.
  15. Hello, It would be nice the player can see the current division of his reserve team even if these are not playable because I didn't have any indication about the status of my reserve team since its creation. A simple line indicating the current division, with a small logo to specify the division is not playable, of the team would be great.
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