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  1. I started from scratch. I tried my leagues in the game for a period of 5 years and nothing went wrong so my best guess at the moment is that this is just an error within the editor and not really in the settings.
  2. I have tried to play with different settings but I cannot seem to find the error in the code. The 'test competitions' gives the error that a more teams are relegated than promoted, during the verification of that same code an error is shown that there are more teams than expected (as is shown in my first screenshot. Both errors seem to disagree, anyone have any experience with this?
  3. I tested this by changing the period over which the games are played. The same error keeps occuring.
  4. This also stops after one season. The test competitions shows that 8 or 7 teams, depending on the test, are relegated and only 6 promoted. Thus meaning that the teams from derde Klasse aren't promoted. Therefor it crashes when at least one team from Tweede Klasse relegates and more than 2 teams from derde Klasse get promoties. Therefor I guess that the issue will be due to an error when defining the fate of the teams in the playoff. My current setting for this part are shown in my second screenshot.
  5. The last shown date is before the play offsystem. But indeed it seems to be a promotion/relegation issue. However I still do not know what it is. The amount of (possible) relegating and promoted teams seem to be correct.
  6. The issue appears whenever there is at least ons team from Tweede Klasse relegated. However I do not know hoe to solve oh.
  7. Oh stops on 28/2/2020 or a around the same time 1 or 2 years later. This is when the playoff system between Tweede Klasse and Derde Klasse starts.
  8. Dear forummembers, I just recently started exploring the advanced rules in the editor while creating my own European super league. I have created 5 division levels with different sub divisions. My system is explained below. Super League: 12 teams playing each other in 2 rounds at the end of this stage the best 8 teams compete for the title while the other 4 compete with the top 4 of the second division for promotion to the super League. Super League II: Again 12 teams playing 2 rounds and playoff system. Top 4 joins bottom 4 of first league for promotion and bottom 8 play for relegation to third level. Tweede Klasse: This level is divided over 2 divisions with 20 teams, the champions are promoted and the numbers 2-5 of each division play a promotion playoff (cup). The bottom 3 of both leagues are relegated and the 2 teams above play a relegation playoff with the best of the next level. Derde klasse: Level divided over 4 divisions with 20 teams, champions are promoted, the teams that come in second of each division play a promotion playoff with 4 qualified teams of the league above. This is a competition style playoff. (This play off is to test my code, i will try to expand this to a promotion playoff cup with the 4 best not already promoted teams of each division and the 4 winners of this play off will play the next playoff system with the 4 teams of the Tweede Klasse) 4 teams are relegated and 2 play a play off with the upper teams of the next level Vierde Klasse: 8 divisions of 26 teams, the champion and runner-up are promoted and the numbers 3-6 play a cup style playoff with the 8 teams of the previsous division. My 2 first divisions are verified quite easily, my divisions Tweede Klasse and Derde Klasse are however a lot more difficult to get verified in order to use them. The error I keep getting is the following: Error in nation rules Need a minimum of 40 teams and a maximum of 40 teams when organising the Tweede Klasse - found 41 This error appear the moment the relegation/promotion playoff between the Tweede Klasse and the Derde Klasse starts. I have included a sceenshot of the error and a screenshot of my settings for the qualification rules in this topic. The strange thing is that this error not always appears and also not always appear during the same year of the verification (i verify over a period of 3 years) and the amount of team found are also not the same all the time. Therefor I guess that there is a problem with the fates that I defined. Can someone pls help me? I have been looking very long for a solution, but cannot find any by myself.
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