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  1. What happened was as usually in this forum moderators using their "power" without any kind of justice. When they don´t like what you say, even if it is only a opinion, they censure, ban, threat and others. I share my tactics since FM 2008 i guess, and never been welcome here. It´s not the first time that a moderator show me the way out. SI forum will continue, FM will continue, with or without me. It´s time to stop for a while. Even stop playing, or try at least. I don´t win nothing with this, only loose hours posting, anwsering and few more. And in the end, i am the bad guy :s
  2. Hi mates. I will give up again on this forum. Thanks Kriss and his ban just for saying a few truths. Always the same arrogancy from moderators, doesn´t matter who. If people want, can find me on others places. Tired of tiranny. Bye folks, greetings.
  3. I think it works the same. And have the same problems as before. Against very big dogs, sometimes you get smashed. Nothing new so.
  4. This works with the new patch or not? I stop playing with it a few weeks ago.
  5. No, it´s the right one. The original had some dificulties to defend corners and free kicks. Attacking corners it´s better this way. And more secure. I said that had little changes Good games everyone.
  6. None preparation. This don´t change many things. The squad plays as the original, but i change somethings on set pieces. Little changes overall.
  7. PATCH 12.1.1 Some changes in set pieces and a few others DOWNLOAD 442 Vodu Caos 12.1.1 FIX - http://www.gamefront.com/files/21340603/442+Vodu+Caos+12.1.1+FIX.tac
  8. Same as 442. Nice to see that there´s some people having fun and using it in the new patch. Maybe SI are with some dificulties putting my tactic out of order this time.
  9. I shared another tactic to patch 12.1. People interested may download here ---> http://www.gamefront.com/files/21141643/c4231VoduTOR+12.1.tac Maybe i open another thread later with other informations. The main question is that wingers cut inside, so right footed on the left and ...
  10. So it´s time to SI make a engine that works as it should, instead of destroying every single tactic at each patch.
  11. My own. But still only mine, not sure if i will post it. Thank you Emidio, great season there!!! Greetings! Great Season!!! Greetings to all! Have a nice year of 2012!
  12. I think the old one works same. As i said, when you update team needs a new time for adapting. Maybe i´ll work on other tactic. I think the old one works same. As i said, when you update team needs a new time for adapting. Change in the pré-season only.
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