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  1. Oh yeah....I am also 6 points on top of the league with a game in hand. Tactic rocks.
  2. Mighty tactic. I am Leeds. Still in the championship. And I just won the league cup with this tactic!! Beat Newcastle on penalty's. Should have had them beat before with the chances we had. Ha...Alan Smith missed to round of a perfect win
  3. I have been using this tactic with Leeds in the 1st season for about 10 games with mixed results. My best result was a 1-1 draw with Chelsea in the cup. That was until the replay when this happens: Hopefully I can find some consistency in the league and move up the table.
  4. hamhamwich

    Before every match...

    Bah...Now I see why my players morale is so low. Every single match...it is ridiculous.
  5. Arhhhh...I am about to be sacked as Leeds manager. Never been sacked on FM before!! I hope this tactic can save me...
  6. I have not played 2011 yet myself. But I think if it depresses you you should not play it. I have kind of lost faith in FM over the last few years. Personally I don't think its the game it used to be but then again I might be just getting old. The fact that year after year they release a bug filled game is very disrespectful to the FM fans. Yet every year people still buy the game knowing its going to be full of bugs.
  7. It always annoys me when there is a patch that your tactics which were working fine then work rubbish. It puts me off updating the game
  8. hamhamwich

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Thanks! I might leave the update for a while then.
  9. hamhamwich

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    I was thinking about updating to the new patch. If FMRTE working for 10.2?
  10. Not going to download the patch until I start a new game. It took me ages to get my tactics right for 10.1 and now I could not be bothered to do it again for 10.2.
  11. hamhamwich

    FM Genie Scout 2010

    Does not work.
  12. hamhamwich

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Thanks. FMRTE rocks!!!!
  13. hamhamwich

    Leeds United

    Its here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=63299
  14. hamhamwich

    Cheat Training for FM-09

    You need to download a skin and extract it to the skins folder first. EG:\skins\flex09\panels
  15. hamhamwich

    Downloaded mine via steam

    I have PC also and I never had to activate with steam either. It gave me an activation key but I never had to used it. Strange.