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  1. Can anyone be so kind as to point out where the milestones info pre and post match is on FM18? I'm sure it's right in front of my face but I just can't see it! (I have searched for this but could only find a like minded soul who asked in the feedback thread and was ignored).
  2. See Steam Update FM. Come to forum to see if miracle occurred. See this thread. Wipe away single tear as it rolls down cheek. So close!
  3. @dieu Has covered West Ham, but it should be said that Southampton have one of the best youth academies in the world. With EPL money ever increasing and them qualifying for Europe on and off the past few seasons then they'd be better placed to keep the top talent they produce, rather than selling them to the 'bigger clubs' like Arsenal. Who knows, maybe one day Southampton can finish 4th in the league and get knocked out in the last 16 of the Champions League too!
  4. You could use the "Save Note" option when you get the message in your inbox from the board about the course. Then check your saved notes whenever you're curious as to how far into the course you are!
  5. Probably when he is closer to retirement age? Say 30+. Don't know for sure how FM works it out though.
  6. After this transfer window I'm really tempted to give Stoke a go!
  7. Blackpool FC, though hopefully on an edited database where the Oystons are gone. Rebuild my club.
  8. Yeah I had the same, guess the board have to blame someone! Started with the latest patch, so the transfer was already in place.
  9. Had this happen to me a couple of times, thankfully only in friendlies. Never for my team either, always the opposition.
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