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  1. I don't suppose his middle name is Saturday?!
  2. After this transfer window I'm really tempted to give Stoke a go!
  3. Blackpool FC, though hopefully on an edited database where the Oystons are gone. Rebuild my club.
  4. Yeah I had the same, guess the board have to blame someone! Started with the latest patch, so the transfer was already in place.
  5. How could you refuse?!
  6. Had this happen to me a couple of times, thankfully only in friendlies. Never for my team either, always the opposition.
  7. Love your work Can't wait for the next version!
  8. Been down for up to a month now, trying to hunt down what's happened? Loved the site
  9. I try too hard I guess! lol.
  10. Michael Rapp = Mike Rapp = My ... ? Assume that's where you were going with it anyways