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  1. @MattyLewis11 what attritbutes do you add up to get your DNA score?
  2. in game the concacaf u17 qualifiers is called the euro EURO Qualifiers U-17
  3. amazing i got it to work thanks so much for your help
  4. do you think the new update could affect them working? ive tried to do the config file and it just doesnt seem to work
  5. s so what should my config text file look like? and im playing fm24 would i need to add the r- to the config since all the regens now have that in the uid?
  6. does anyone have screenshots of how this should look in english ive managed to find the person and most of the date of birth but u cant see the year of birth
  7. Yeah thats makes sense what stats are you using attributes wise im also doing an ajax save and using the T.I.P.S method to scout players amd just wanted to compare wha attributes your looking at and what you would consider a minimum number of each attribute?
  8. What stats are you using to determine the ajax dna is it different for every position and just a standard set across the board?
  9. yeah i do ive extracted the graphics folder from the game just not sure about creating the fmf
  10. how do you create the new graphics.fmf ?
  11. how do you delete the restricted folder ?
  12. hey so how exactly did you manage to fix this error?
  13. Yeah i realise this tbut i want to have usl league two as playable aswell which this doesnt any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hey guys does anyone know how to add mls next as a playable league?
  15. Hey does anyone know of a usa database with all leagues including usl 2 and mls next playable i can only seem to find ones that have or or the other
  16. Hey does anyone know of a usa database with all leages including mls next playable
  17. hey tried downloading this but when i click on the link it says You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
  18. I just want to be able to manage the academy teams and work my way up through the league but also manage in the ncaa all the files available on have either ncaa or academy manageable none have both
  19. @Fmfan00 that would be amazing if you could im looking at doing a save starting at an academy and working my way up to the mls
  20. Hey is there anyway to make the san marino academy able to be promoted
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