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  1. Yes it is, apparently. 40 days without games, felt lonely. Got a game in January 1st.
  2. Anyway @James Finnerty is this normal to play in the next 35++ days on November (game time)?
  3. Yeah I had another save like 4 days ago (game time) and when that bug happens the first time (dont press Discuss Issue), I can press decline. So yeah, still grinding.
  4. Hello guys, just letting you know that you guys are amazing! Here goes the stuffs in my brain that wanting me to let you guys know! 1. Commentary Voice in the Match. 2. Chill Musics (more than 1 so we're not getting bored at menu). I know that a few guys were not OK with the Menu's Music. If they're bothered, they can make Music Volume to 0 (new Feature?). 3. Multiplayer, guys? Like public servers made by you guys, not made by 'a person' and of course some new mechanics like where we 'should not' be waiting for other players to press Continue :) HOW
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