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  1. you ring work to tell them you wont be in today beacuse a close freind of yours broke his leg and you have to take him to hospital but really its your star palyer fm, is that really lying though
  2. LOL im always talking to my laptop while playing fm , the missus thinks im on my moblie untill she comes into the same room, she keeps trying to say its only a GAME
  3. ROCK ON, had know idea that this thread would be so popular i thought i was the only that 1, sat on the bog with my laptop and 2, cant sleep at night cus of a cup semi final LOL
  4. your in the pub with your mates,and all thats going through your mind is going home and getting to the end of the season,beacuse you have new signings coming in the transfer window
  5. you cant sleep at night because your 2-1 down after the first leg of a cup semi , and thing of you tactics for second leg
  6. at 11pm you say only another 30mins next thing you know its 4 in the morning
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