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  1. You probably hear this every year, but I don't understand why you don't let club features spill over in national teams (including U23, U21 etc.), it can't be that much of extra work I assume. I'm currently in charge of Ghana U23, starting completely from scratch and there's no news interaction, no interviews, no "club" vision, no job interview and I can't even interact with my U23 national players. The ability to praise my players doesn't even seem to be an option either. I don't even have a contract, or the ability to hire staff, nor any way of assisting in the national development of youth programmes in a given country when managing the national teams. It would just be nice in future FM's to have a bit more to interact with and do when managing national sides, including the youth teams. After all you've given the opportunity to manage national sides since forever, why not go all the way?
  2. I was starting a journeyman challenge (DB: 20.4 update) and Limerick was the first club to offer a job interview and a job offer. Thing is they have no players and no staff but in the club vision they want me to sign players under 23 as well as become the best youth setup in Ireland by the end of 2020, much to ask for by a club with no funds. It made me, however, trigger my interest and started googling around only to realise that Limerick as a club more or less ceased to exist in january 2020. This is definitely a rare opportunity to literally start from scratch with a real club in FM. I'm just wondering if this future Limerick Academy, which seems to be happening irl, is also going to be reflected ingame? Can I expect my youth infrastructure to be improved by 2020? Otherwise I find it hard to achieve a required club vision as the club itself has no money
  3. I always make use of the "ask xxxx" button when it comes to the season's code of conduct setup so I didn't notice. But I'm pretty sure it's between a warning and ½ a week's salary as the first step across the board.
  4. I'm experiencing the same on my manager's attributes, Level of Discipline: 22.... no save from before it happened either I'm afraid.
  5. I was encouraged to upload this as a potential bug. Larne FC is having a sponsorship deal that would put them in the top half of the English Championship and a wage budget far beyond what any of the other big clubs in N. Ireland can offer. I've attached screenshots of the above mentioned issues in this post and uploaded the savegame to SI Cloud Service named Larnefcsponsorship.fm
  6. How about this one; I'm playing in the Danske Bank Premiership of N. Ireland as Linfield FC, arguably the most successful club there and my wage budget is 15.000 p/w with a sponsorship deal of 26.000. Larne FC in comparison has a wage budget of 89.000 p/w and a sponsorship deal at 9 mill! Even if there was a board takeover by a sugar daddy it seems completely out of proportions in the top division of N. Ireland.
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