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  1. Holy Ghost Fire 451 Test with Wolves (made 4 signings Tah, Freuler, De Paul, Boga) Media prediction 7th Won EPL and FA Cup No matter which team I try this tactic over-performs always! PS. Had to play the whole season with Ruddy coz Rui Patricio had an 8 month injury lol
  2. no just left everything to my Assistant (training general and individual, team talks and shouts)
  3. This tactic is really OP! Currently testing with my atletico side. Never had such a solid defensive performance. GG @knap
  4. I agree with you, player ratings are very low despite winning matches and dominating them. results are quite random because of defence. Im 3 seasons in with 155/160 CA defensive line and sometimes I win with clean sheet against top teams and other times i conceded 4 goals agains a team much weaker than mine. (using 433 dm wide preachin blues btw).
  5. Started a new save unemployed, landed a job in December with a struggling Rennes (17th in Ligue 1), first match against PSG and this happened looooool Tactic used : VENOM & FAITH 442 P100 CC
  6. 41212 Venom run with my OP Napoli squad in 2029. Have to delete this tactic next season because its just too good lol Well done @knap definitely the best tactic i've seen in fm21 so far
  7. c mon man some of those players (like de ligt) are not for sale unless you offer 150-200m..anyways any decent tactic would work with a team of freaks, glad this one works for you
  8. I don't know if this issue has been already reported but for some strange reason I have to play with my first team the C Super Cup instead of the Zebre B team.
  9. i noticed the same thing about mentality...I had inconsistent results by playing consistently the same mentality for every single game, especially against top sides. Switching to cautious/balanced during certain matches/moments of the game definitely improved the results. I pretty much did plug and play of knaps tactics since fm18 (never changed a single thing, but this year we have to put extra care on mentality imho.
  10. @knap are you planning to develop a 4-2-3-1 anytime soon? Have to put somewhere all my attacking mids (Fati,Pedri,Kulusevski,F.Torres,Chiesa)
  11. Holy s**t @knap played with this tactic my last 4 matches, lol complete domination!
  12. Using `¬¬¬¬FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap23221(451)KLOPPP103ECFAP371(206-165) with Juventus..i really enjoyed this tactic in fm20..seems insufficient in fm21. Managed to sell Rabiot and Bentancur for Ansu Fati and Camavinga..very strong team but still can't get good results.
  13. So fm21 is still heavily inclined to gegenpress? or other styles such as counter attack and vertical tiki taka would be a thing?
  14. Hey @knap I have a very young west ham side full of wonderkids and experienced players such as James and Pedro, they are pretty well known players..based on the names, which of your tactics would you recommend to bring out the full potential of this squad? Currently in the 2nd season (sub top team predicted 7th)
  15. Just run some games on the korean ME. Way more enjoyable to watch compared to the original. Didn’t test any @knap tactics yet but I think you would enjoy developing something new there
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