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  1. Thanks, I saw this but it's not the original as I seem to remember that there were inside forwards and not wingers.
  2. Hello, I'm desperately trying to recall the glory days of Fm14/16 when I used to use the sir goalalot tactic (4-2-3-1). Does anyone remember how it was set out? I seem to remember possession based and wingers or inside forwards with a deep lying forward. Does anyone use this still or something similar? Thank you if you can help
  3. CAN'T REGISTER UNDER 18 PLAYERS IN INDONESIA There is no option for registering under 18 for under 18 league games in Indonesia. The same for under 21s. Spent the past two seasons where my youth players can't play for their teams.
  4. Is it just me or in every save my reserve team or under 21 manager keeps playing players completely put of position? My fourth choice goalkeeper does not have to play as a striker...
  5. Basically I finished third in scotland and rangers finished second. I qualified for the Europa league playoffs but when they got knocked out of the qualifiers for the champions league we ended up being drawn together. I can upload the save when I have my computer.
  6. If it wasn't bad enough that I got drawn against a team from THE SAME NATION in the Europa league playoffs, now that I've been knocked out I can't register my players for the Europa Conference. What is going on? Can someone please answer.
  7. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I offered my players out for loan but receiving no interest after a couple of days I tries moving them to my affiliate clubs. That's when I got the notification even though they are currently not involved in any transfers. Thank you
  8. In my third season with Kilmarnock. For some reason I can't send any of my players to my affiliate clubs. No problems at all in previous seasons. Can someone please help?
  9. I'm currently in my third season with Kilmarnock, finished 3rd in the league so I qualified for the Europa League playoffs. Somehow I drew Rangers who finished 2and in the same league. Two teams from the same country can't play each other in the Europa league playoffs or can they?? Do the rules change in the future?? This is seriously bugging me, I was looking forward to playing some foreign teams. Please someone answer me.
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