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  1. Oh, understood now. Will wait for the next update then. Thank you for all the support.
  2. This is good to hear. Is it possible to upload in somewhere, so I could continue the save?
  3. Many thanks for your support, Kyle. Just one more question. Will I be able to play my save again?
  4. @Kyle Brown, That's a great new, buddy. Really appreciate your support. Will be waiting for your feedback. Thanks,
  5. Hi @Kyle Brown, Just found out which is the message causing the problem, check below:
  6. I noticed that the message arrives always on September 17th at 08 AM. I am trying to figure out what the message is, no success until now.
  7. Hi @Kyle Brown, No problem, mate. I uploaded again, now two saves (one original, on the date [September 17th] when I received the message and another older, on September 5th). Previously, I had done a type of maneuver (in the original game) to resolve this flaw. I resigned with the current coach, and created a new one assuming the same team. With that I managed to get through the days without problems, since the message was no longer there. However, I would like to see if there is a possibility to solve the problem in another way, since my coach already has a kind of relationship with the club and players, and I am in the last game of the season. Check the save names here: ORIGINAL: Tigres do Brasil - ORIGINAL - Bernardo Silva OLDER: Tigres do Brasil - OLDER - Bernardo Silva One question, I have never tried that, but I would like to know, is there any possibility of delete a message in the inbox? Thanks again,
  8. Hi @Kyle Brown, I did this before, but didn't get success. Also clear the cache, and the other things, but nothing worked.
  9. Hi @Kyle Brown, Save game is uploaded as: Bernardo Silva - Tigres do Brasil v02. All the crash dumps I received are attached below. Thanks FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 17.34.21).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 17.24.42).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 15.58.43).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 15.43.23).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 15.39.36).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 15.30.32).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.25 13.29.07).dmp
  10. Hello, My Football Manager is crashing when, and only when, I open an specific message on inbox. This moment, this is the next message on inbox, so when I try to forward the days it automatically direct me to the inbox message and as consequence I have the crash dumps message. What can be done to solve that? Thanks,
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