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  1. Just wondering whether we should be expecting anymore updates (bugs + gameplay fixes) or working on the next game? Because I'm still waiting on the la liga team transfer fix that's been bugging me since release. Thanks!
  2. Hey, just wanted to give an post update on the lineup bugs in large spanish clubs like RM, FCB and ATL. I can see that it’s been worked with and their transfers don’t get stuck in the B team no more so I appreciate that. However, there are still problems with current first team players (and rotation players) being excluded for some u20 unknown during league games. (For context of season, it is 8 games in and none of these renowned players have had any injuries). Hopefully this gets noticed next patch, thanks.
  3. It's because this is based on the real life transfer where the club would sign them theoretically this 2021 january window so Sega creates a pending transfer that you cannot refuse so you receive the player at the end of the season to basically 'keep up' with current transfers. You can look more into the benrahma transfer in the recent transfer news if you're interested
  4. Hi, just wanted to inquire about the FM team’s progress to fix this problem where the majority of Spanish clubs have a lineup bug and new transfers being sent to the B-team. (This save was created after last weeks patch)
  5. chillll, gotta appreciate the fact that they produced this game in 2020 and theres always bound to be bugs. Give them time and it might be fixed next update.
  6. Thank you, I've started another save due to this issue and once into the 2nd season the same issue happened. Same 3 spanish clubs having lineup problems so I can say this isn't an isolated incident in my case and ruins a lot of my immersion, basically taking the whole league out for me.
  7. This is a small bug I’ve noticed where a team’s line up is missing positions, leaving them empty thus key players that would normally play there, would be left on the bench. E.g. the Real Madrid fullbacks are completely out of the first team (mendy, militao, and no they were not coincidentally back from injury) and happens in atletico also depending on which position is bugged. Please fix.
  8. It’s uncommon but sometimes i see games that include random players (not from any of the teams) or scorers that play for the opposite team (like the picture i provided). This was also in FMM20, so please fix this bug
  9. I’ve noticed that certain big name youngsters has been released, commonly after a loan which made me think that this may be happening to many more youngsters that aren’t as big. This can interfere with player’s immersions
  10. Yeah they said it was going to be a ‘couple days’ like 3 days ago hopefully it comes out very soon
  11. When will the winter update come out for FM mobile? Just asking because of the recent update for PC.
  12. Um so... Liverpool bought Mavropanos for 75 Million from me. I was really overwhelmed at the offer and felt bad accepting it too because i thought it was a bug... Anyone want to debate whether the price tag was worth it? Or was this just a terrible bug?
  13. thank you, was feeling pessimistic on ur comment after holidaying a week to test it out and seeing most players still on 35% but it was only after a couple of weeks i realised they are slowly regaining fitness. Don’t make any mistake restarting ur career!
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