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  1. Another one. I cant take control of my youth or reserve teams. Since the tactic and and team selection responsibilities are locked or bugged, Id like to just take control, mainly for the team selection issue and then just watch the match. For that matter, I cant seem to find the option to watch youth matches. I think it was "take control" or something... I don't remember having all these issues in fm19...
  2. I set my youth teams lineups but they keep changing from what I set. Also, in the overview of staff responsibilities, the "handles team selection" is missing for my youth teams. Thanks
  3. Thanks. Should I expect that any fix would only apply to game saves prior to any update?
  4. Hi. I'm having an issue where I cant access any U23 staff responsibility settings and I cant change my B team tactic to what my Senior and U19 tactic is. Any ideas? Ive tried just about everything and googled the heck out of it, but, just cant figure it out. I have and can set the B team responsibilities but the tactic/formation are locked. I have no U23 staff responsibility options at all but the tactic is my preferred senior tactic... Things just seem to be all over the place. I started with just a u19 squad and everything there is fine. But over two years I have been given a B team and a u23 team and these settings are kinda goofy. Thanks
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