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  1. To you more experience players in FM, What is your favorite combo tactics for Middle to Top teams ?
  2. !!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442KnapP104ECFA.fmf 45.13 kB · 229 downloads only one i could find for u.
  3. Just first season with Girona. Fresh save. 2nd league. They are predicted to win the league.
  4. Was thinking of testing a save with Celtic. What would be a suitable tactic for them ?
  5. Thank you @knap for the !!FM20.3.0BlackEchoVOL2442.knapP102FACC tactic. I won Champions League and Bundesliga first season with it. What would you recommend running Black Echo with season 2 ? Seems the AI have learned it now because it have went from Great to less great , but maybe thats because Ive just played with Black Echo all the time.
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