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  1. i search on UCL or UEL, i choose matches. there's some matches and i clik on " v " on right hand side of the matches. usually on the dropdown there's 3 options ( no action, scout match , attend match ). aftwer winter update there's no more attend match in that way... probably i missed something here,i should clik " v " between 2 clubs. thanks for help and response.very much appreciated.
  2. as inter fans im happy with the upgrade, bastoni has fix PA. and some young players got upgrade their PA.
  3. i have IGE, on my saves most of new built stadium always at its full capacity which is in your case 97,571 is full capacity. you cant expand it anymore, unless you have IGE since the start of the game you can edit the full capacity into 150,000 (maximum expand)
  4. sorry if im take it in wrong place, i have one question. after winter update i can no longer attend the other team games to scout their players. i didnt make new saves, i continue my saves before winter update.
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