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  1. I think whipped crosses are better when you have wingers that hug lines to cross at the end , and those with a good crossing stat! since we use IF and mostly are the fullbacks that to the mjority of crosses , maybe low crosses or floated would result better! i've been playing a few games with the d-line tweak and low crosses , and i feel it took up a notch ! i definity saw a probably aroun 30 to 40 % decrease on ball over the top of my defenders on the defensive side! on the offensive side it is such a joy to watch those 1-2 with the striker and the IF on the approaching to the are and such!
  2. Im starting a save with blyth spartans , using the training guide from @RDF Tactics , implementing what i could (i got all coaches apart from the ass man with the recommended personalities ) since they are part-times! i'm predicted last, 1st game of seaon away against Kyng's Lynn predicted 1st won 6-0 ! My Ass Man is a Press Manager only ( Best i tested so far in game so he says good stuff and ups the Morale, or at least dont decrease it Is Media handling style - Media Friendly ) ! Using Knap Shouts , and my own teamtalks! Tactic Beowulf 442 P105 its only one game but it
  3. Yeah! rarely i even got 0 ppl at the back when doing a corner kick, but this is very rarely and usually when i get a red card or something! the best is to go to the corner routine , see who is taking it and set the correct position in the corner takers!
  4. corner takers and throw in takers are already set in the routines! my thing with corners is although they are set they dont take them at all ! unless i manually set them ofc
  5. Yes i saw that on the corner sreen the dr and dl are set to take them , but if i leave at default the takers , they wont take it at all even though they are set to take it on the corner routine, normally its always one of the center midfilders! its working good anyways!
  6. @knap on beowulf 442 P105 , should we set any corner or set piece taker or it is better if we leave it at default? thanks mate! beowulf 442 P105 , 1st year on First Portuguese League after 2 straight promotions doing the Homegrown Challenge! All mmy squad players are of the Club Nationality since the beggining of the game! Best 442 Ever! RDF Trainings , General Training to a Model Citizen Coach who has same preferred formation and style of the tatic (442-tiki taka)
  7. @RDF Tactics and on the rest tab do you set ( no pitch or gym - half intensity - normal intensity - doule intesity - double intensity ) by this order?
  8. Only a question staff related! in a previous save i had just for the coachs, ass man , me , 20 free spots! i had already advanced quite a bit on the save also! how would you distribute your spots through the various tasks? i mean how many GK coachs, fitness trainers , model citizen coachs and so on! i just wanna have a mental image of the "ratios" for when i start a new save to implement this fro the beginning! and if you would use all of the spots available! thanks in advance!
  9. It's not like Inter Milan is a bad team at start! they sure are not a King's Lyn Town ! xD But that was my experience, yours may be different! I do lots of saves with underdog teams, and i am a big fan of the 442 approach and the ones who worked better for me (this year at least with underdogs) were the ones with closer lines from each other! maybe ill try that tweak but with the defense line on high or very high!
  10. I think is actually the reverse mate! xD the creative go to DLP and the CM is the strong Defensive Midfielder! the DLP with come deep more often to get the ball from the back to the front and it is better if he is a more technical player! if both are good defensive , even more awesome! Camavinga is one of the best for DLP
  11. Raptor V4 - In Posession change from normal no Narrow! use wingers with opposite foot ( Right on Left - Left on Right) You're set! PS: I did try myself but seems that with underdogs they suffer too much with the huge space between the lines , since they dont have the technique and vision of top team players! Didnt try with a big team though!
  12. can you provide more detais on the not working part? why doesnt work? cant score? conceded a lot? who is your starting eleven? can you post screens?
  13. is to see our squad info like this! you shoud put the file in DOcuments/Sports Interactiv/ FM 20 / views then on the top left where it says views you import the fmf file from that folder !
  14. that is a very good point! i would normally always proritize speedy defenders even if they lacked defensive atributes , instead of slow but good defenders! so defence first, speed later !
  15. i didnt had that problem though! of the games i have been testing im scoring many goals from offensive set pieces, and the conceded goals usually are the usual ball above the defenders for a fast striker! which is to be expected cause of the high defensive line! but doesnt matter much if i score more that the opponent ! xD
  16. you can try and import another tactic defensive set pieces! maybe one of tff or knaps!
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