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  1. What i would like to know is if there is foreign player rules in leagues because without it many of those nations dont make challenge to play
  2. Plus 1 for this. I need to check manualy every player on loan every month its veeery time consuming
  3. @passenger58 Try Bilbao but no transfers in you can only sell players. You can just take players that are promoted from your academy. That will make a bit of challenge because you might need to change tactics as there is possibility that you dont get a player on lets say LB or RB for many many years i know in one save i did not get a forward better than 1 star for like 7 or 8 years.
  4. I am frustrated for the opposite. The game for me is waaaaaay to super easy so i stop playing. I dont know what you guys do wrong but no matter what team i pick in what ever league within 3 to 5 (with wales league i need 6-7 seasons) i become the most dominant team in the world. My last save i am 15 seasons as a Trefelin BGC won 8 champions league, 13 welsh championships, club wold cups etc etc. I stop playing the game in total because its waaay to easy. Unlike DW19 (Diego Simeone is that you? I like to play very attacking game. I dont care if opponent score 2 or 3 goals every game as long as i score 1 more than them. For me 4-2-3-1 with target man, 2 inside forwards and a shadow striker are making wonders in the game. And my first transfer is always the best possible GK i can get and at the start of the game there are great out of contracts GK. And @Hummingbird Saltalamacchia if you strugling go for the big team as a learning process. Play 2 seasons with man city or liverpool or some team of that status and teat test various tactics and situations because they are good enough on all positions for testing. After you learn a little and see how and what goes you can basically apply it to every team you want. Every year for new game edition Liverpool is my test club for learning new things. After i master with them i just apply the learned things to any club. Because as in real life all the clubs are the same only some clubs are richer than others and they can try new things this dont apply to my favorite Ath Bilbao ofcourse because they are most challenging club in big 5 leagues on all manager games.
  5. But in Italy it is always 11 but in mobile game only 9 why is that @Marc Vaughan
  6. First i must say that the last version of the game is best so far and i like to thank the team for making a great game. I am really hooked up with the game so much that i even buy a separate phone for just this game so that if kids take my phone i still have option to play that been said i would like to see some tweeks and stuff improved so that the game can be even better and i will state them in no particular order and i would really like to see comments from other people to see if we are all on the "same page" about a game. 1. More control of reserves and B teams - that we have an option to suggest to B teams and reservers of which players should play so that we can favour young potential stars to play more. Maybe by having an option to choose tactics for reserves and select players positions so that the B teams and reservers play them more or as much as possible on that positions and with specific tactics. 2. Abbility to choose from which country we would like affiliate clubs to be selected. That would work like this. When we ask the board for affiliate we have an option to select 3 nations we would like affiliate to be from and when they find it they give us options of 3 teams to choose from. 3. Rewamp of the scouting system. Ability that we can scout the whole page from interested players, search by position etc. 4. I think that raising the level of facilities in the club is easy and not too costly. Maybe making it waaay more expensive and make them decay over time so that it is not super easy to make a club with Barcelona level facilities after like 2 seasons. 5. Transfer system rewamp. More offers for players that we transfer listed and loan listed. Realistic transfer offers from clubs for our not transfer listed players so that we dont get offers of 40 milion for a 100 milion valued player that gets him angry after rejecting or similar. 6. Better AI for clubs so that they dont waste buy players and have super aged teams full of superstars who dont play single game for many seasons. 7. Rewamp of management of national teams. 8. More realistic transfer budgets. With current settings an average club from stronger nations (england, spain, italy....) Gets waaay a lot money every season and its easy to buy lots of superstars. Making it more real life would be great for a game. 9. Foreign player rules as in real life. Playing China or Korean, Australia etc. after few seasons it looses its charms because all clubs buy lots of foreign players so much that teams are left with like 2-3 national players and all other foreigners. 10. Adding more leagues specially Serbian league and at least to more leagues from South America and Asia (hope you can get licences). 11. Making game more harder in general. 12. Ability to select 5 playable nations at the start of the game instead of 4 that is now. There are more things i would like but this things that i stated are really the ones i would super super like to see implemented so that the game can be greatest in the world I know the limits of mobile phones but these tweeks would be great for the game.
  7. But whats the fun of playing Korean or China league without players from those countries
  8. Is there a chance that in a next version of the game we can have rules about foreign players as they are in the real world? In my South Korea game and in my game in China after 15-20 seasons top clubs have like one to five domestic players and all rest foreigners. I think it would be great add on and make game more realistic.
  9. @Marc Vaughan Please do so for future releases as i would love to see it also
  10. Up to 24 years of age always highest intensity, after that if hard working or resilient phisique then highest also otherwise medium but it also depends how much playing time some guys will get. But the traits really depends if you tell me the club you want i can check and go into more details otherwise it is too complicated for me to explain.
  11. Honestly its too complicatedto post here because it depends from team to team and what players you have
  12. It works great on fmm 2021 also i am dominating everything in spain and europe with Athletic Bilbao also Serbian national team is undisputed world and european champios.
  13. For me personally that is not needed in a mobile game because it dont change the game in anyway both for better or for worse
  14. I figure it out. Altho its a cheat and i will never do it here is what you need to do. Exit the game totaly, start the game again and load the save. If that dont work. Exit the game, remove it from background from your phone. Start the game again. I tested it on 3 phones all works good. A suggestion instead of doing that and reloading you can scout other clubs graduates, bring them for small money and build them into a legends. Its less time consuming than loading save non stop.
  15. I use the same tactic as in FMM20 and with Bilbao without any transfers in my second season i won UCL, title in Spain and cup, supercup, in my 3rd season i am dominating the league. I also got all my affiliates a league or 2 leagues up by giving them players on loan. So it is still an easy game
  16. I have Athletic Bilbao 4-2-3-1 tactic it make me won the league in second seasons. The same tactic also got me winning MLS league in first season with FC Austin and i only sign free agents. If you interested i will post it for you.
  17. Anybody knows is there a way and what leagues i should load in order to coach national team of Philippines is that even possible?
  18. Guys can someone help me and tell me how can i send players from my club to,my affilliated club i dont see an option anywhere to do it? Thank you very much in advance.
  19. Is it really not compatible accross devices like some say in review in google play store? Do i need to buy it again if i buy new phone?
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