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  1. He also logs on to the forums everyday, checking in I think. We'll be waiting for you king @Totalfootballfan
  2. I've been playing with almost the same tactic created by another person and its working great. The formation is the same and the player instructions are almost the same and its working wonders for me. But always waiting for @Totalfootballfan on the new season
  3. I can't seem to get it work on Steam? This is how my launch options look like; Also should I need to start a new game for it to create a new folder? I haven't tried creating a new game.
  4. Why wouldn't it work there was no update to the game I personally plan to add the new tactic to my tactic board in the summer break. Until then, Cerber and Fury combo.
  5. It was definitely a direct freekick because I concede a goal from it and that was their only goal for that game. Not that important tho as I won the Champions League for the 3rd time in 10 years as Galatasaray thanks to you Nearing the end of the save game as I'm closing to take the achievement for the 10 years in 1 club. Thank you for your work and looking forward to more of the magic
  6. Striker is waiting in the midfield not seen on the screenshot.
  7. Only 1 player forming a wall.. Is this a bug on Match Engine? Because I checked the defending free-kicks and there were 4 players should be walling.
  8. New update is out, apparently some changes to defensive set-pieces. Lets see what can our lord TFF can do about it :P
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