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  1. Like most people I have had trouble committing to a long term save in FM21 so after the latest update I decided to manage in a nation that I have never played in before. with the help of Fm Llama on YouTube and this forum I decided to manage in turkey. i wanted to manage a biggish club with a lot of history who haven't had the best of years recently. Step up Fenerbahce. a team with a lot of history and some good players and they haven't won anything for around 7 years. My expectations was they would have a decent amount of money to rebuild the squad and to upgrade facilities . a young Turkis
  2. Thanks for answering my questions @dido53 I will look forward to June when the club has its elections to see what happens. I'm not complaining about the games especially since you get 222k for a win 111k for a draw. I know the final prize money isn't great when the league is complete but getting that money after a game helps with the weekly out goings i have. just need to start winning now i guess I will write a career update on my game a little later. will be interesting to get advice and feedback from people playing in the same league as i am
  3. Good morning folks, i am currently doing a save in turkey ( i will do a write up later) and i wondered anyone could answer a few questions. 1. I have noticed teams have presidents, there is an election coming up in my save and just wondered what that means. is it the same as a takeover ,could i get a cash injection and less harder targets to achieve or even fired? 2. there are 21 teams in the top division and that will mean i have to play 40 games. is this the normal? thanks in advance I am having a blast managing in turkey. I have noticed a lot of great players in their
  4. Jayahr thanks for the reply and clearing it up for me.
  5. Hello Folks Quick back story: im currently managing AZ in Holland, im in the 3rd season and noticed some of my star players contracts are running down, i signed Kelechi Iheanacho from Leicester city in the 2nd season he was transfer listed at around 12m but on 78k per week, there was noway i could afford that so i bidded 15m and Leicester pay the whole 78k for the remainer of his contract, anyway bid accepted and he signed a two year deal with me paying him an extra £100 per week. fast forward to February in the 3rd season and i have just offered him a new contract. he wanted £600 per wee
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