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  1. Hola guys so i want to create 2 teams with identical resources in a low tier (serie c) removing all players and staff, the idea being for me and my friend to start at the bottom with totally equal resources is there a easy way of doing this with out having to edit every stat in two clubs?
  2. 1 id love a greater level of interaction with how the stadium is handled/developed/built (i know fm is a football manager sim and managers dont often have any say in this side of things) to me being able to stamp my own style on a in game avatar be it talents,cosmetic or just the choices made give me a much richer sense of ownership. to me when i play fm the club i manage becomes my character so to speak and i find my self constantly frustrated by the limitations of current development details to a club in football manager. 2 the ability to use the media to apply pressure to the board to get what you want. im not saying this should be a i win option that lets you get what ever you want but we see it in real life all the time with managers using the media to pressure the board to get more money improve the stadium get a bigger contract. now this doesnt always pay off and it also goes the other with the dreaded "vote of confidence" 3 more budget options, where you spend the clubs money if you want to increase the number of phsyios or spend more on the youth set up or up the scouting budget ie allow me to choose if i want to cut all the budget for the youth set up to up the scouting system 4 more options to invest on improving a clubs "rep" or "image" 5 season hi lights reel for the club, the league i think having a "match of the day" style montage of clips from important games ("tackles, saves,red cards and stunning goals") would be something id be interested in maybe throw in some media snippets from land mark moments in the hi light reel
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