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  1. Thanks for the help! I changed my CM into a BBM and removed the "work ball into box" instructions and it greatly helped.
  2. The logic behind having both "play out defence" and distributing to CBs and FB is to dominate possession and slowly build up attacks from behind. These things works very well in the tactics I use and the main problem is to get the that left sided central midfielder to contribute more efficiently. What I want him to do is to combine better with my DLP and initiate more forward passes in attack while at the same time having some defensive responsibilities. I am reluctant to change the role of my DLPs as he is always performing incredible well and changing the FW role into a DLPa made my striker
  3. I can try giving him a BBM role, but what about the left back in that scenario? Should I continue to use him in the IWB(s) role or will that collide with the space the BBM should work into?
  4. Hi all, I am currently playing as Nottingham Forest and have done fairly well so far, but for seasons on end now I have struggled to get my left sided central midfielder to perform well. I have been using different players there but none of them rarely gets an average rating higher than around 6.70. This is the first version of my tactic. Result-wise it was the one working the best, but whoever plays cm(a) rarely performs. I thought it might have something to do with the IWB(s) getting in his way but changing him into FB(s) didn`t help. This is the sec
  5. Haha, yes, indeed! I haven`t been letting in a lot of goals with this tactic and defensively it has worked better than I thought it would. I haven`t scored a lot either though and that`s why I am looking for a way to get Ings to score more regularly. First of all, thanks for the input, it is much appreciated I only have a few questions regarding your proposed changes. Is there a tactical reason for using two CDde (as opposed to one CDde and one BPDde) or is it mostly based on the attributes of the players in the screenshot? The January transfer window opened since I
  6. Thanks! I will try to experiment with changing the role to DLF(A) or CF(A) and see if that works better. This is the version of the tactic that I use at home against equal or weaker teams. I have another version without the Be More Expressive TI that I use away from home and against tougher opponents. I do of course perform better against weaker teams at home, so I have assumed that the BME setting works well. I might try to experiment a bit with that off as well once I find out how to get my strikers to score more goals in this tactic. I have previously played mostly in the Serie A where
  7. Hi, Can you guys take a look at the formation I`m attempting to use in my Southampton save? I`ve been getting okay results so far, but I am struggling to get Danny Ings to score.
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