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  1. Can someone help me with man marking against a 442 ( my opponent uses one of the 442 developed by Knap )
  2. Thanks TFF. Executioner V3 wasn't working at all for me before and I kind of made a complaint ( lol ) because I've got used to great results with your tactics, I think I was clearly misunderstood. Cerber V3 looks like the level of tactics you are used to deliver. Amazing results and consistency. Great work TFF, thanks!!
  3. That's all I want to hear!! keep up the good work
  4. I only meant like TFF updated this new tactics so the expectation was better results not the other way around and that's all I meant. Honestly I think my team better suits this 451 rather than 442 but just not performing well. I did very good results on 2nd season that's why I was just a bit disappointed. The group wasn't so good I lost again wolfsburg 2x using bloodlust. I'll be waiting for some updates from TFF in the meantime using bloodlust as looks more solid as Executioner V2 for me as been absolutely awful. Thanks
  5. That sounds a different approach. Been using TFF tactics with Roma first season finish top 4 but with no signings so expectation wasn't high, manage to finish 2nd place won europa league and italian cup in the 2nd season. Some good players in the squad as Moise Kean, Belotti, Tonali and bernardeschi. 2nd season I've used Punisher V3 ( can't remember which tactic used in the first season ) 3rd season no changes in the squad just bought a few players as backup but the main players all stayed, starting testing this 2 new tactics as I said before Executioner V2 and bloodlust V3 and the results been disappointing. Currently out of champions already in the stage group and 4th position in the league. May give some more time to bloodlust V3 and see what happens.
  6. Also, because he's tactics been absolutely amazing for years doesn't mean that all of them actually worked but his work is amazing that's what I meant
  7. When I am saying " not working at all " is based on results I am used to have with TFF tactics, as I am saying at the same time Punisher V3 it was just fine for me. With Executioner V3 had three games home 0-0 as favourite and lost favorite home for champions league 1-4. Last season finished 2nd in the league , won europa league and italian cup with Roma using Punisher V3 This season so far only won 2 matches when I switch to Punisher V3. My team simply doesn't score with the other formations. Magicnutt I found your replys very depreciative, no need for that. Thanks
  8. Hi TFF, First time I am writing anything in this blog, Thanks for sharing absolutely amazing tactics, been following your tactics all the time. I am struglling with this new tactics you post recently, Executioner V2 has been awful for me, bloodlust V3 lack of goal scoring. Punisher V3 used to do just fine but usually I always follow your new updates. Any idea why they are not working at all? Any update coming soon?
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