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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions I took a look at the league stats and 25 of 40 goals conceded have been from set pieces this season. This is lower than it could be because I've quit out in anger after conceding 3 set pieces in a single game(!), but to me still seems very high. I give away quite a few free kicks, but with the defensive strengths of my team I would still expect to be able to defend them far far far more convincingly than I do. There are teams in real life that give away free kicks and corners KNOWING that they're very good at defending them. Surely this can be achieved in game, and it isn't just a case of X% of free kicks will go in, so concede fewer free kicks...? I will try out what's been suggested so far, specifically changing the best headers to zonal rather than having man marking. As a quick other question - to player instructions affect this? Two of my players have "mark tighter" on for normal play, not sure if this is having a negative impact from set pieces maybe?
  2. Hi I have one of the best sides in my league at positioning, marking, heading, jumping reach, height etc Yet I am constantly conceding from set pieces. As a guess maybe 75% of the goals I concede are from set pieces. I've tried leaving everything default, which didn't work - I usually just leave set pieces on default and it's fine, this is the first FM I've had huge issues with defending set pieces. Right now I've gone in and manually set every player to be in a certain position - mostly man marking but specifically the tallest centre backs marking the tall opposition etc. Yet I still concede...! Is there any general guidance on how to set up for defending this? Surely every opponent isn't managed by Tony Pulis...
  3. New patch doesn't solve anything. Just conceded SIX goals in a row from set pieces (3 indirect free kicks, 2 corners, 1 penalty) My team is one of the best in the league at positioning, marking, heading, height, etc - and I've manually set the instructions so that the best markers / tallest markers mark tall players etc. I can't enjoy the game as it stands right now.
  4. I know SI have said they know about this as an issue, so hopefully they can fix it sooner rather than later. It's driving me insane. I could just about deal with the one-on-ones problem, but right now the game is unplayable for me. I give away a lot of free kicks, but generally in open play we're evenly matched (or slightly better) in terms of decent chances created. But such a high percentage of goals come from set pieces that it makes trying to analyse the actual game in open play impossible. In my last 3 league games I've conceded 8 goals. 6 have been from set pieces. Then there's also an annoying issue with conceding penalties from free kicks! I wouldn't mind conceding them from open play (i.e. the striker gets past my defence and is taken down), but that rarely happens. 90% of the penalties I concede are from indirect free kicks!
  5. I am also seeing this a lot (since FM 2019 too I think) - thanks for putting in the effort to compare it against a real league. It makes comprehensive highlights excruciating to watch, since there are loads and loads of highlights of no value at all. Throw in, pass back to taker, offside. I had to revert back to extended highlights (even though I want to see more of the games), just because I was getting frustrated watching the same offside highlight over and over.
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