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  1. What on Earth is your tactic? You are getting goals and results that are amazing, The M E in your videos acts a whole lot different to mine too. I know it will be down to instructions etc, but I would love to know and see
  2. Won the Prem in my first season; it was ridiculously close: With the final game of the season almost throwing it .... We had some HUGE results along the way, notably, Fa Cup was also ours: And the Europa League was a pretty easy run and a hard fought win in the final vs. Utd too. I set up like this with variations of a 4-4-2 and a 4-2-3-1 as other options based on the opposition. transfers season 1: So far Transfers season 2: This season is much the same but so so so close again.... Liverpool just won't leave my side, it's so competitive and I love it... Although some of the transfers seem ludicrous...
  3. Kane went to City end of the 1st season for over 100million, Spurs bought Lemar and Carrasco with the money... Needless to say, they aren't the same team without him and his crazy scoring run. I'll do a lil' recap later as haven't done one this year.
  4. Short answer, nope. Long answer, he thrives in a role where he plays off someone with lots of forward runs and movement also. eg. playing him with Ozil doesn't work for me as he is lazy with his tracking, if you have him with Laca and a pressing midfielder with a high block, at least for me, I get the most out of him.
  5. Got a link to the download for this please? I want to do some looking under the hood to see where the exploit is. If I can find it I can then give us any formation and the same results pretty much. Cheers
  6. This is a month or so after the first ones, still only November 2019.
  7. In your next piece will you go down the benefits and drawbacks of using counter, balanced and attacking on your choices? Coupled with maybe a comparison of focus and your instructions? Eg. playing narrow and focus wings instead or focus down middle
  8. That is nuts. The ratings, the prices paid. What on Earth? wow. You pulled in that many goals too? How? Your tactic must be something insane?
  9. How are you setup? i have a 4-1-2-2-1 setup myself - With all the back 4 on support duties with a Regista sitting behind a Mes and a bbm. It works well but I do no get anything near like your stats there. Could you share?
  10. Was about to log this myself but seeing as you have enough evidence i'll watch for a fix. Thanks for your help, all of you
  11. Any way of seeing your TI's ??? I'm using a DM and a DLP(S) with two IF(S) but love your setup and would like to see how you do it. Fancy sharing your tactic fully? 4-2-3-1 - K.fmf
  12. It is a steam server issue, this game and Motor sport manager will not sync or download any updates as soon as I change my region back to a uk one... having to sit on France Paris download location - but it works so won't complain.
  13. Hi Lucas - it appears that i had to change region to an Asian location ( im in uk ) and it then allowed me to re download the game fine. for reference ESET has never had an issue before and it worked absolutely fine until now. I can play again now so all panic over. just a pain to have to re install etc. thanks
  14. I have changed location to uk-london and uk-manchester and has made no difference. I am going to try a different country too and fingers crossed. ( I have also cleared my download cache and made no difference either )
  15. Hi, I am at my wits end and cannot see anywhere another issue like this, my game will not open, it just tells me there is no connection to servers - i had read a response from Neil from a year ago with someone with a similar issue and re installing steam helped them. I tried this and now I can't install the game at all, please help!
  16. Afternoon, When uploading Highlights via the in game functions available, if the team has a apostrophe within the name it doesn't read it correctly and rather places the ' instead when titling. A small thing but one that really should not have got through nor be within the game. Can it be looked into please?
  17. You need to give us more as to what you want this BWM to be as so many players can bring so much to this role... Porto's Ruben Neves Would bring a different type of play to your BWM role, he isn't the strongest of challenger but would bring passing and creativity to the role if he won the ball. Eric Dier Will bring a no-nonsense approach to the role and play Timothy Fosu - Mensah could me moulded into whatever you choose too ... You have the old and trusted Fm stalwart ... Taras Stepanenko I'm still tempted by Alex Song myself as he has enough about him to fit what I want from that role and can be a good foil to my rotated Coquelin / Fosu Mensah too... All in all, you need to think about what you want the role to do and to be before we can give you a 100% directed response, I hope above has given you food for thought, all of these would be great signings but it's what you want out of the role that matters the most.
  18. He is young enough to be whatever you want him to be with the right tutor.
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