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  1. Hey, Not sure if this has been brought to attention yet but posting just in case as this doesn't make sense: Florent Indalecio has a 2012/2013 player history and then a 7 year gap? I understand it "could" happen, but he is only 23 ....
  2. Kings Lynn town in the National League itself. One of the few/ only part time clubs in the national league, in their first ever season at that level. It's the highest they have ever been. Centering around Adam Marriot and the loanees at the club, it would be cool to see if you can turn them into a league side with a small ground, low budget and low expectations it may be a good fit.
  3. You have youngsters like Patino that are being quoted as amazing from every youth manager that faces the team, plus Catalin keeps being called up to first team training amongst others. The Arsenal youth setup is VERY good in the uk, and many, many head off to Spain, Italy, Ligue 1 and Championship/prem. Many in this side right now would be hard pressed to compete as a full season as a simulation of the under 23's and to be near top half of the table... they win most if not all youth competitions across many age groups. Saka is an England squad starter and should be rated as such
  4. The game feels bizarre, Nketiah is like the second coming of Christ and last years Haaland rolled into one, he rarely starts but when he does he gets a brace, otherwise on at 59/60 mins and averages almost a goal a game ... I bought Depay to rotate on the left side as Auba ( along with Tierney and Partey) seems Injury prone and he is doing alright. Again though, a tad upset or annoyed at how few youngsters at Arsenal seem or feel like they can move up to the first team. They win loads at youth levels and many move onto other clubs at high levels too. Utd and others seem to have more than
  5. How do you get the player faces next to shirts on the tactics screen please?
  6. What on Earth is your tactic? You are getting goals and results that are amazing, The M E in your videos acts a whole lot different to mine too. I know it will be down to instructions etc, but I would love to know and see
  7. Won the Prem in my first season; it was ridiculously close: With the final game of the season almost throwing it .... We had some HUGE results along the way, notably, Fa Cup was also ours: And the Europa League was a pretty easy run and a hard fought win in the final vs. Utd too. I set up like this with variations of a 4-4-2 and a 4-2-3-1 as other options based on the opposition. transfers season 1: So far Transfers season 2: This season is much the same but so so so close again.... Liverpool just won't leave my side, it's so comp
  8. Kane went to City end of the 1st season for over 100million, Spurs bought Lemar and Carrasco with the money... Needless to say, they aren't the same team without him and his crazy scoring run. I'll do a lil' recap later as haven't done one this year.
  9. Short answer, nope. Long answer, he thrives in a role where he plays off someone with lots of forward runs and movement also. eg. playing him with Ozil doesn't work for me as he is lazy with his tracking, if you have him with Laca and a pressing midfielder with a high block, at least for me, I get the most out of him.
  10. Got a link to the download for this please? I want to do some looking under the hood to see where the exploit is. If I can find it I can then give us any formation and the same results pretty much. Cheers
  11. This is a month or so after the first ones, still only November 2019.
  12. In your next piece will you go down the benefits and drawbacks of using counter, balanced and attacking on your choices? Coupled with maybe a comparison of focus and your instructions? Eg. playing narrow and focus wings instead or focus down middle
  13. That is nuts. The ratings, the prices paid. What on Earth? wow. You pulled in that many goals too? How? Your tactic must be something insane?
  14. How are you setup? i have a 4-1-2-2-1 setup myself - With all the back 4 on support duties with a Regista sitting behind a Mes and a bbm. It works well but I do no get anything near like your stats there. Could you share?
  15. Any way of seeing your TI's ??? I'm using a DM and a DLP(S) with two IF(S) but love your setup and would like to see how you do it. Fancy sharing your tactic fully? 4-2-3-1 - K.fmf
  16. He is young enough to be whatever you want him to be with the right tutor.
  17. that seems correct. He even mentions about limiting the roaming from the Cm(d) as he has roaming and chasing down the ball as default - so you can "turn them off" to better suit a holding midfielder. Looking at his images - the cm(d) drops then the rpm moves about. but still keeps near enough to the ball at all times in attack to I guess either recycle possession or offer a smart , simple outlet.
  18. Just copy it, you can see everything he has from the screenshot.... Although the players at your disposal will be different and the way it plays will be no doubt different to the way you want too?
  19. The arguements here over 1 players traits that Cleon himself has said may not be his end article is laughable and crazy at the same time. The man is going out of his way to help other people on here to learn how he plays the game and has had mind boggling success with it. So much so that fellow Fm players here, fro want of a better word idolise him. He gave his reasons as to what he thought, there is no need to dwell on it unless constructive, getting knickers in a twist over something such as a player being different on each save due to potential or traits that scouts may not show up as the
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