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  1. Tff i cant decide if i like cerber or annihilator better, can you tell me which tactic is the superior one?
  2. Hey tff the cerber tactic works great, but i get a lot of yellow and red cards what can i do?
  3. Tff do you have to change the individual training at one point? Or can you leave it forever the way you suggested for each tactic.
  4. I see fm20 is really frustrating me lately, i think i play a bit pro cycling manager for the time beeing. I tested a lot of tactics from the beginning because i was never really satisfied. Your tactics are the best in my mind on this game engine.
  5. Tff do you think playing executioner at home and bloodlust away is a goos idea?
  6. Tff why are you using amc in almost every tactic. The amc position doesnt work at all for me in any tactic, they hardly score any goals or have many assists.
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