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  1. Took me a few years (still not won ligue 1) but I won the champions league with this tactic. I ve stuck to the tactic, training players only in the formation set out. PPMs also trained to correct players. I ve attached the line up used in the final. I ve only bought young french or African french speaking players. All investment is in youth set up rather than recruiting players, then every young player is trained to slot into this formation. I found it best used on counter as I was often the underdog
  2. Choice of 3 for me, St Etienne save where i won ligue 1 first season Nolan Roux bossed it up front on his own. Others would be from a long term save as AC Milan, Renato Sanches I bought early and made him club captain soon after and he ran the show from midfield for 15 seasons or in front of him was Belloti banging 20+ goals every season!
  3. Looking to play a 4-3-2-1 Formation with IF's and a big striker.... Zaha, Bolasie & Wickham have convinced me to have a go as Palace. I Will update soon
  4. Thanks, although Marseille maybe a bit big and Hoffenheim a bit small lol. I thought of Espanyol as perfect but theyve got pretty much no money or sell on value in their players
  5. I would like a team in any of Spain, Germany or France, mid table top tier, with little history or expectations to do well.... the only thing i would like is to have either some money to rebuild/build OR some sell on value in the players there. Obviously if rebuilding need to have a ok reputation to attract the re building players without blowing all the money n wages and signing on fees.
  6. Signed him in 2019 for £80 million plus Fabio Borini as Inter Milan from Man Utd. Juve sold him to them for £60million the previous jan transfer window. I had won back to back champions leagues though
  7. Sorry for the late reply, he has turned out awesome for me. I had Gabriel Silva from Udinese (as it never worked with Dodo, and sold him for a hefty fee) who was my player of the season in 2nd season.... I happily sold him after season 4 to PSG as Biraghi had become so good... another youngster, Dimarco I think has become his under study and is pushing him hard also!.... Why I love this save, you can almost rely on bringing just youth thru if you trust them!, literally almost my whole back up is home grown!
  8. I am on my 4th season with Inter and have literally won everything there is. Its my save every year as you get to rebuild one of Italy's giants, good youth coming through, accommodating board and if you like to build your own team then there really are some big value in Kovacic, Icardi, Juan Jesus, Nagatomo, Handanovic.... although I wouldnt recommend selling them I got stupid money for Icardi & Kovacic. Even if you choose to try and make some money there is good youth, cheap options in Italy to build your side and normally its quite easy to move the high earners on! My team is currently 4-3-3 Scuffett Peruzzi Balanta Benatia/Mangala Birighi Verratti Romero Florenzi Barboza Berardi Insigne and none of them are on more than £50k a week... most the back up is provided by home grown or young italian based players and I still have £100million plus in the transfer kitty to replace the Inter names moved on!
  9. http://img18.photobucket.com/albums/v53/splatfish8998/CM0304/evandro.jpg Yeah, Evandro Roncatto deffo never lived up to his billing on Champ Man
  10. Hi, just been sentenced to 2 weeks in bed on the sick by my doctor... soooo perfect time to start a new long save. Any fun idea's? (p,s, I may holiday the first season as you tend to get more budget 2nd season and available players are less repetitive from relegated teams etc) Nation: Big 5 (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) Division: Top Euro: Pref Not. Media: Mid / high mid Board: mid table / europe Transfer Budget: yes please, want to be able to build my own team so either a decent budget or sellable assets Wages: In hand with transfer budget, room to maneuver Finances: Enough for a transfer budget, other than that meh Other: My ideal game would be Man Utd, next season, a rebuild job of a decent team. I ve already done Inter, so thinking maybe Spain Sevilla or Valencia... france, Lyon/maarselle/montpellier maybe, germany has hamburg and werder etc... But i am open to suggestion
  11. I am in Sept 2015, I was lazy and used the Tranmire save on here to holiday out the first season, added some leagues etc. and started as Inter Milan. Anyhoo, So far in my save I have the original Tranmire tycoon, Deportivo (liga b) have a tycoon, Zaragoza have a tycoon, Everton have a tycoon going wild in the transfer market & Leeds (promoted to the premier league) have also just had one. WOW
  12. Won serie A on last day of the season, 2 games to go I needed to win both to make sure I won the title ahead of Juventus... first was away to AC Milan, went a goal down but won 4-1 in the end... last game was home Catania, 1pt ahead of juve so only a win would do, drew 2-2 after they equalized in the 90th!!... lost my rag abit, looked at the table after hitting space bar... and Juventus had only managed a draw with Udinese! Star man was left back signed from Genoa, top scorer was Floccari signed for £700k from lazio. I sold on most of the squad and replaced them with younger italian talent. Militio, Cambiasso, Juan Jesus, Nagatomo, Chivu, Samuel etc all left for a fee or free to get them off the wage bill. I planned to go with Belfodil and Icardi up front all season, however, they sucked major ass! (as defensive forwards) so I sent Belfodil out on loan and demoted Icardi to a hot prospect. I played Floccari and Quagliarella (signed in january for £1m but with much higher wages than i wanted) up front with Leandro Damiao (£4 million in january) as back up. Floccari finished the season on 20, Quag scored 15 in the second half of the season. I also signed Simone Pepe as a back up winger and he ran the show, first name on the team sheet now!. Start of second season, moved on more dead wood but been given a transfer bounty of over 70 million (as i reduced wages so much i think)... brought in De Rossi from roma as they were relegated, Destro from roma also, promoted Longo to the first team. Loaned out Belfodil, Icardi & Damiao. Also got Verratti, Perruzzi, Balanta, Hector Herrara & brought in Sigiruli (PSG GK) to replace Handanovic who Monaco bought for £29 million. Set up for the new season!
  13. I am now thru to Feb 1st season... and sat 3rd (only goal difference from 2nd) Including 4-0 wins over Roma & Fiorentina, also into the cup semi final and already won the first leg. This tactic seems unbeatable at home, unless the opp plays a 5 man midfield then seem to get over ran on the wings a bit I find. Away from home its a bit less consistent. Looks like a champions league finish with TORINO in the first season!
  14. this seems pretty good to me, I am at the beginning of a save with Torino in serie A, I played 5 with my own tactic similar to this, won 2, drew 2, lost 1.... changed to yours, won 4 (including AC Milan) and drew 1 .... I am sat 3rd at the moment, getting loads of possession and loads of shots at goal. This is all before the tactic is fully bedded in and a team of average at best players. My starting XI is Mannone (loan), Jonathan (loan), Ogbonna, Ex Juve CB forget his name, Dossena (loan) Bollatti (loan) Brighi (loan) C Zanetti, Cerci, Verdi & Macheda .... all average apart from Ogbonna
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