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  1. Thank you. Will Reece James fit in the CERBER V4?
  2. Hey TFF, who would you recommend to Diego Dalot or Reece James? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hey TFF you have an idea for a better game for the trip?
  4. Well, it's not too interesting, but we'll try something to work.
  5. Hey TFF such a question from me, how do you see the Juventus line-up for ANNIHILATOR V1? thank you in advance
  6. Hej TFF:) takie pytanie ode mnie, jak widzisz skład Juventusu dla ANNIHILATOR V1? z góry dziekuje
  7. Hey TFF, I have a question if CERBER V3 will work well on previous updates?
  8. Hey TFF, I have a question, what could be the best tactic away? Thank you in advance
  9. hey friends, I have a question, what training do you use? do you tell an assistant
  10. colleagues sorry, I was upset by my results in Dortmund. I know TFF is doing a good job.
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