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  1. Larne starts with a sugar daddy and they get huge wage budgets thanks to that. The sponsorship does seem strange though, I have managed them before and I don't seem to remember them ever getting that much sponsorship money in the first few seasons.
  2. Praising the team at HT is something I would only do if morale is low or if we are massive underdogs
  3. Unless the lad is EXTREMELY good I would not even bother trying to fix his personality. Also I feel personaly attacked by that tittle.
  4. The switch version is basicaly the touch version with a few teeaks. It's more feature complete than the mobile and imho worth the extra cost. So I would recomend the switch version personaly.
  5. Hi everyone. Last season I qialified for CL 20/21 and I am currently playing through the qualifying rounds. I have reached the third round (champions route) by now and I notice that I am not receiving prize money for advansing through. I checked the rules section and there is nothing written about the prize money. Is this right? Do you have to make it to the group stages now to get any money at all?
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