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  1. So, now that I have a much better understanding of the game, I just started a Stoke City save which will be my long-term save. I am finding myself spending a few hours reviewing the players, staff, tactics and toying around with things before I even advance one day - 😳😀. I am literally still on the first day. Is that normal? I am wondering if everyone else does that. On YouTube you often see folks change a few things then they are off onto the first game.
  2. I think I figured out how to do it. When starting a new save, I chose use fake players and names. So now it seems that all players have generated faces. I don't follow European soccer all that much so the fake players and names are fine with me.
  3. Can you request a new larger stadium if your team is performing well? I am starting a Stoke City save. Can I, at some point, request a 60,000 capacity new stadium if the team is doing well? Is it possible in the game for that to happen? Thanks
  4. Thanks. I knew about the facepacks. I was just wondering if there was a way for the game to generate them.
  5. Greetings, Is there a way for this game to generate faces for all missing faces. I would enjoy playing it without the Black silhouettes. Thanks
  6. So, one option is to use them in the first team from time to time?
  7. Greetings, In my development center my coaches have identified first-team candidates. Should I promote them to the first team once they are identified as first-team candidates? Thanks.
  8. Greetings good people, I have a box-to-box midfielder. The game has him in the defensive unit. There apparently is no midfield unit. So, how do I decide whether he goes into the attacking or defensive units? Is it based on what I want him to do the most? Can I create another unit? Thanks BTW: The game seems really awesome this year. I am loving it.
  9. Thanks for the insight. How would I "shut them down" and what does that mean?
  10. So players beyond the 2 and group of versatile back up, I can be free to sell the others without worry about damaging the team too much, correct?
  11. So, I have a few quick questions as I am still learning this game. I just bought FM21 btw. My questions: How do I know whether I want to get a player on loan vs signing them to a contract on the team? For example, is it better to get older players on loan but sign younger ones? I know this sounds crazy, but should training be focused on the tactics I am using? Last year (in FM20) I tried to just cycle through everything in training sessions and it never seemed to make a difference. We were getting creamed. I am still getting the hang of training. Should I fire then
  12. It seems according to this tweet the beta is out (unless I am wrong). How do I get the Beta on Steam? I pre-purchased the game on Steam. Thanks.
  13. This really helps alot: Let me know what you think. I have used it to organize my training schedule and it seems to make a lot of sense.
  14. Now I am learning about tactical analysis of my opponent. This game is so deep, so much to do. I wish they had a 3D engine like that even of Xbox 360 FIFA/PES caliber. To be able to see the player's actually do the skills that we obsess about about would make this game even more insanely addictive.
  15. Thanks good people. This is all helpful. By the way, should every member of the team have an individual training focus and skillset on which they are working? It seems like that makes sense to do.
  16. I don't know the answer to your question. In fact, I have been looking for female coaching staff to hire. On a related note, can you send any coach on courses at will? It seems I can only do it when someone says I should. I want to do it when I want to do so. Thanks.
  17. Greetings, How long does the impact of a training session last? So, for example, if I do a shadow attacking training, should I do it once a week, twice a month, etc? Would it be the same for general physical training? Also are there cumulative effects for the training? For example, do 2 of the exact same training during the week or in a 2 week span boost the effects? Thanks.
  18. Greetings, So I created a team from scratch using the database. I need almost a full roster though. Is it ok for me to sign players without scouting them to just fill out the team? My plan is to field a basic for my first season, then during the transfer windows later in the season I will bring new players on board that are good. Does that make sense? Also, I need new staff, should I do the same thing - sign some individuals even if they are not that good because we need some staff members since we are a new team? Building a new team from scratch is great and fun. Even
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