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  1. So, I have a young player who I think has a ton of potential. A team has made an offer and they want to talk with them. However, I want them to stay as I think they can develop into something good. What should I do? Should I let them talk to them or just block the deal? If I block the deal they may get upset and not play well and hurt team chemistry. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I agree with you. It makes me want to play more so that I can see more things work. I also now want to find new things to try.
  3. So, one of my players, a winger, I noticed has a good "Long Shots" rating. I made the decision to tell him to shoot more often. My intention was to get him to take longer shots since he is good at them. It worked! He made a long range goal. I felt awesome. I can't wait until FM22. I am still learning the game, of course. However I am coming along.
  4. Any ideas on how I can fix my tactic? This positioning represents the best players I have and their best position and role. Why are these areas red? Can ignore the red or must everything be green? (Is that even possible?) I don't understand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Is there always the option to fire someone to make space for the new person? I have not seen that option when signing a new coach and you are at the limit.
  6. Thanks, I will check. By the way, how do I send coaches to training? Do I have to wait until it is offered or can I click on a coach and send them to training?
  7. So, in my journey to learn the game, I have a much better understanding of everything now except for player transfers. I started a new Coventry save and I am going to try my hand in player transfers. I will try to sell players - which I have never really managed to do because it seemed so complex to me. I also need to figure out how to put people on loan, get players on loan and get rid of players that don't want to go. One time I transfer listed a player and he was upset about being transfer listed. So, I took him off the transfer list because I didn't want him to bring down morale. Was that smart? What should I do if an influential player doesn't want to be sold? I welcome any advice. For example, how do I know which players to sell? Also, how do I know which high value players to sell? Might it be something like I have an aging good player, but I have a young hotshot that is up and coming and can take his place so sell the older player? What else do I need to consider? Pray for me - LOL!
  8. This is definitely a strategy. However, the coaches are really terrible and need to be replaced. Like we are Coventry and our fitness coach is an 8. That's a killer. So, for some of the coaches I will wait until their contracts expires. However, the really bad ones need to go sooner I think.
  9. Greetings Good People, I have a board that has limits on the coaches I can have. I need to replace a coach who is terrible. Do I need to fire him first then find a replacement? I tried to hire his replacement but the board said no because they felt there were enough coaches for that category of coach. I don't want to fire him first then have to look for someone while we stay short a coach. Should I just fire him right before the new coach accepts? It's just that the further it gets, the board says no to proceeding with contract negotiations if I am over the coach limits. Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. It seems he has the skills of a good right wing back in the Sky Bet Championship League. He is fast, good dribbling, can pass the ball, etc. So why would a staff person rate him to be one star for that position? Could it be a reflection of the Staff member's ability? Is it because the player is right-footed?
  11. Ah, I see. Thanks. I do know there are other things that affect goals. However I did notice I don’t typically have many players in the attack.
  12. Watching Euro 2020 I see why I score so few goals. I see that in the attack, here in the final between England and Italy, sometimes there are up to 8 players from a team in the attacking third. How would I do that in FM? I know it doesn’t make sense to have 8 players on roles of Attack. So how do I get more players in the attacking third? Thanks.
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