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  1. A player said he felt the general team training was too low. What does that mean?
  2. So, I had a player that I promoted from the youth squad. His first performance rating was a 6.53 but he has some impressive stats for a defender. Is it possible that even though the average rating is not that high, good tackling, heading and similar stats indicate the player has potential? The image below is of the player in question. By the way, I have just discovered the player stats screens. 😳😳😳😂 Wow! I just realized one of my goal keepers is much better than the other. I will be spending a lot of time there.
  3. By the way, are player roles the way you ensure teammates are in close proximity?
  4. I see. I am learning to think more holistically with these comments. Now I am seeing that tactical instructions should work together as a coherent whole.
  5. I will reduce tactical instructions. That's good advice. It seemed to me that a lower line of engagement would keep them from getting caught up too far upfield. Stay on feet is designed for them not to go in so hard on a tackle and thus let the opposition, which is faster, get by them. Regroup is so that they retain their shape instead of trying to counter press since the other team is faster. It seemed to me that such an approach is consistent with keeping the ball since I don't want them chasing the other team around. If those instructions are not compatible with possession footbal
  6. Why are the instructions questionable? Thanks for your insight and feedback. It is helping me learn the game.
  7. Also, why did you say the midfield was porous? I thought one CM on support and the other on attack was well-balanced.
  8. If I only I even knew my tactic had a fundamental weakness much less address it - LOL! Seriously though, your feedback is helpful. I need to watch more tactics videos. Do you have any recommendations? I have a big match coming up against Reading and I am on the hot seat. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Your advice helps out. So, to be clear, I will tell one of the CBs to mark their hot striker. Is this different from just selecting "tight marking" in opposition instructions? If I select "tight marking" in opposition instructions, do I still have to tell a specific person to mark the player?
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