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  1. Awesome, understood ☺️. thanks for the reply and apologies for the post.
  2. Hi guys. Have watched some YouTube vids of guys playing lower leagues in Scotland as playable teams. I know the teams are in the game but currently unplayable. Does anyone know how I could manager a lower league Scottish team (lower than league 2)? Cheers
  3. Get a DOF to negotiate? im having a similar problem in my save game, I declared interest in a player and in his notes he said he wants to impress me in his latest match and scout report states very interested in coming. Yet when offer gets accepted, he won’t discuss terms. My only suggestion would be to keep at it and keep declaring interest and offering transfer bid for him, it worked for me once before and hoping it’ll work for me again!
  4. Thanks for your help mate, still doesn’t seem to work though. ah well I’ll just stick with it.
  5. Thank you. The first one is fine but for some reason when my overview page comes up the season stats at the bottom only have one row and have to scroll down to see all competitions, it doesn’t display them all like yours above. Think might actually be something to do with resolution of screen but no idea sadly.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked. How do I get the season stats view larger on standard player overview screen? When I click on a player I want to see the full details of the season, akin to all previous FM games but this season it seems to be reduced, is there a way to change this? Thanks very much
  7. Hi guys, firstly apologies if this question has been asked, I couldn’t see anything in relation to this so far. I am wondering how everyone manages the determination stats and levels weighing squads and youth players. Initially, I had set up mentoring groups in training and assigned the leadership to high determination stat players. I didn’t have much success with this so I disbanded the groups and now still have issues with players stats going down all red arrows etc. Does anyone have a guide to using mentoring correctly? Further to that, can anyone help with players
  8. I didn’t know that, cheers for that. I Better stick in with Europe then!
  9. I had read a while back that attendances are dictated based on location. The context is starting a new challenge game with say, Salford. As they are near a major city, Manchester, the scope for increased attendances is far greater than a club outside a major region or city. Does anyone have any evidence to back that up? Interested in starting a new challenge but would like larger attendances if I can make it through the leagues.
  10. Good challenge, good luck! How are some of young Scottish players in your game progressing in general? Trying to create a Scottish Shortlist.
  11. Hi All, Came on to see if there was some kind of good Scottish players thread but couldn't seem to find one. Would be particularly interested in some screenshots of high potential Scottish players and how they have progressed in some saved games after 4/5 years to help with signings in my new save game. Anyone found any good ones so far?
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