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  1. yeah this is the dream, with players covering the runs too... on this version i guess this is all we can achieve
  2. yeah, with the right ppms and setup i'm starting to see more of this which i like -- this is from open play to get to these positions, whipping in a cross/cutting it back... liking this, look at where the right sided wingback is (baldock / sakai) actually cutting in due to the bpd(r) position edit: don't know why my TM took #10... dont ask didn't realise that
  3. Ciao Ragazzi, I'd like to know if you have any thoughts on emulating this style, would like to see your attempts/thoughts on producing what the blades are doing but on FM, Obviously getting the left sided & right sided CBs in the back 3 to overlap the way they do in real life is, well, impossible? Whilst attempting this, the tactic I've come up with plays rather similarly in the press, and in the attacking varieties... though it's showing longballs as 0, that is quite invalid. 28 games in after tweaking a lot of stuff I've come up with this so far:
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