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  1. Cerber V3 works perfectly ! My striker Andrea Belotti just became Ballon d'Or
  2. I play with Crusher and Slayer and i have to say I'm not disapointed at all ! I use those two cause I like playing with wingers. I've finally finished my first season with AC Milan. I was only playing the Serie A and the "Coppa Italia" I won the Serie A with 96 goals scored and only 13 conceded. I started my season using the combo Punisher/Pyromancer until 3/4 of the season then switched to Crusher/Slayer. - Andrea Belotti finished best striker with 35 goals in 35 games -Gigio Donnarumma best goalkeeper -Jack Bonaventura best midfielder No big players bought Thank
  3. Ashbringer works pretty well with my AC Milan game ! Even against top teams like Juventus or Inter i'm still winning. I started my game using the combo Punisher/Pyromancer and i didn't loose a single game. I was playing Punisher most of the time. Now im using Ashbringer/Cerber. Still winning but i think my Scorer (Andrea Belotti) scores less goals. Statistics are still impressive so far: 25 games; 26 goals (penaltys included) and i still have around 10 matchs to play. Thanks TFF for the hard work and dedication to this game ! keep it up
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