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  1. All the credits go to your work on the previous Iron Curtain database and graphics and now to @Wolf_pd for his work in FM20. The Iron Curtain database is the one that i loved, because in generally i like to manage my teams with homegrown players and this database is making gameplay more tactical. Football at it's best. Cheers.
  2. I have make the logo file (i used the one that @MBarbaric has made for the previous version of the Iron Curtain). Because of I'm a doctor and these months my time is limited i don't know when i will be available to make work for the graphics (having a 18hour schedule on daily basis is kinda difficult). So i'm posting the link. I reduced the number of logos because some teams still using them til today. Thanks again to mettalic logo team. http://www.mediafire.com/file/75t51t5q5zwufrc/WIP.rar/file
  3. I'm thinking also about making a kitpack, you know simple kit with only the logos of the teams but no sponsors as in the past. The only difficulty is that my job didn't stop due to coronavirus, so my time is limited.
  4. The Logopack seems to be ready, but i will wait until you will release the database to check on the IDs. Credits to @MBarbaric for the previous logos on fm16 iron curtain database and to @Qvordrup of the Metallic logos.
  5. If you don't mind, i asked for some help about the graphics pack at the metallic logos makers.
  6. I'm using the skin in 1366x768 resolution. Is there a way to make the gk attributes visible?
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