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  1. First season of the modern era DDR-Oberliga came to an end. We been unbeaten at the last 8 matches of the season, so we are climbed to 5th position. Energie Cottbus are champions ( they had never won the league in the DDR). The European Qualification come as this: Cottbus to European Champions Cup, Dynamo Dresen to Cup Winners Cup (the won the FDGB Pokal), Union Berlin and Lokomotive Leipzig to UEFA Cup and Carl Zeiss Jena to Intertoto Cup. Besides its a beta version , i really enjoyed it so far.
  2. There also teams as BFC Dynamo or Jena that play at lower leagues in the db. Also there is another Union Berlin that competes in UEFA Cup in the First Season and last but not least there is no club U19 level (Dynamo Kyiv have 55 players in their first team).
  3. So far not so good with Carl Zeiss Jena in the modern era DDR-Oberliga. Problems with money didn't allow us to sign many players (a squad of 13 real players and the other are grey). Hoping that situation is going to change so i can build the deadly force of DDR football. BTW is totally different than football with today's finances.
  4. as i saw in your screenshot you have tested until 2084. can you share a screenshot of the winners of the champions cup?
  5. Does anyone know where i can change the flag in titlebar to the correct one?
  6. After @Reiver sent me his ddr logos (i can't do better ) i think i'm ready to begin my journey. Last issue i have, does anyone in which file i can change the flags in the titlebar? As you can see Soviet Flag is on but in titlebar Russian one appears.
  7. Having problems with the logos. Normal size are visible, small size are visible too but @2x size are not visible. Anyone have solved this?
  8. pass me only the config files. I'm using the metallic style logos Excellent work btw.
  9. you should replace them. Load the DR Congo flags to a file out of the game.
  10. Did anyone made progress with the East German logos because of the new ID's?
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