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  1. Thanks Si, my frame rate is now a solid 60fps and smooth during a match...........
  2. Clubs can be harsh, but disappointing things can open up other opportunities, I was sacked from Feyenord after losing 3 straight matches, 1 of those knocked me out of the Euro cup, I was 4th in the league about 9 points off top, 6 games to play and had a 68% win ratio. Picked up straight away by Ajax, won four and drew two of their remaining games and missed being league champions by 1 point and could have won the league if we hadn't drawn the last game after PSV had a shock loss. Then went on to win the manager of the year despite being sacked. I loved it at Feyenord, my squad was really coming together and suited my style of play, was gutted to shown the door. Still plenty of satisfaction seeing the squad I built doing well but even more now when I beat them.
  3. I haven't played a huge amount of FM20 so far, but since FM19 and now FM20 I've found it easier to build/make changes to tactics, bring in new players and still have reasonable results. FM17 was a real grind and you had to gradually build your squad and performances by making small tweaks over a season or two to really get them to combine together and adapt to your way of playing in order to achieve results, it was very satisfying and made pre-season important. I like the way you build tactics in FM19 and FM20 over FM17 but it feels that the impact of tactics has been reduced, if you build a tactic with the right formation and roles to suit your squad then you are in the game, you then massage the team instructions and mentality for each game and you can get descent results pretty quickly particularly if the fitness and morale levels are good. Managing the morale and player rotation fitness/injuries seems to now be the most important.
  4. A follow up to my feedback post yesterday..... I definitely now believe that there is an issue with the graphics/match engine for FM20 which is manifesting itself in 'lag' to varying degrees for people. To try and eliminate my hardware/software as being the source of my 'laggy' problem I've now done fresh installs of win10 pro on two PC's( my Sim Racing Rig (i7-8600k+32gb+GTX1070) and my daily browser/FM machine (i5-2500+16gb+1050ti)), I then applied the windows updates , installed the latest nvidia drivers, installed steam and then FM20. I also installed FM19 for comparison, as it did previously it runs at the highest settings smoothly (constant 60fps) on both of these machines no problem. With FM20 I saw a big improvement in performance on high settings with my i5, GPU usage dropped from from the prior 90%+ usage down to between 65% and 80% and CPU usage is sitting at about 30%. 'Lag' is greatly reduced. As expected the performance on the i7 is pretty good, FM20 was about 10% CPU usage, between 30 and 40% GPU on the highest settings. So clearly things installed and running in the background of my windows install were having an effect on the performance of FM20 on my i5 PC but................the frame rate for FM20 during a match on both machines still never reaches the refresh rate of my monitor (60hz), it moves between 55 and 58 fps hence FM matches are still never completely smooth despite such low CPU and GPU usage levels on my clean installs.
  5. Yeah mate, I have no doubt it is their problem as well, either with the graphics or match engine or some other driver or compatibility issue.
  6. Try closing all your browser windows or anything else you have open when playing FM and see what that does to the FPS and the CPU and GPU usage.
  7. All through the beta and even the final release I was having poor performance and 'lag' or 'stutter' in the 3D match engine, so last night I dug a bit deeper and firstly wanted to be sure that the issue was not my hardware. So I have a couple of PC's, my Sim racing Rig (I7 8700k+32gb Ram+GTX1070) and my 'daily' pc (i5-2500+16gb+1050ti) which i use for browsing and FM etc. FM20 on my i5 has been terrible, 90%+ GPU usage for 50fps on high settings with major lag, unwatchable. FM19 runs great on this pc, a solid 60fps at 60% GPU usage on the highest settings, smooth as. So I decided to start with a clean slate and do a total fresh install of windows 10 pro on the i5 machine, I then applied the windows updates, installed the latest nividia drivers, installed steam and then FM20. FM20 shows 5 stars(as it did before the reinstall) and selects high settings, Instantly I've seen a performance increase after the reinstall, GPU usage has dropped to between 65% and 80% and the stutter is mostly gone, CPU usage is sitting at about 30%. The bizarre thing tho is that despite the GPU or CPU usage clearly no longer being a problem the frame rate never reaches 60 but rather dips and climbs between 55-58 fps hence the small amount of stutter and not totally smooth. To see if this was just a problem with my i5 machine I did the same on my I7 PC, fresh install of win10 pro + updates, nvidia drivers, steam then FM20. Same thing, FM19 runs smooth as, 10% CPU usage, 30% GPU usage, solid 60fps on the highest settings. FM20 same 10% CPU usage, between 30 and 40% GPU on the highest settings but the frame rate still does not reach 60fps and moves between 55 and 58 fps. What this says to me is that there is definitely an issue with the FM20 Graphics/match engine, with those low CPU and GPU usage percentages on both of my PC's the FPS should have no trouble reaching and locking to the refresh rate of my monitor, yet never does. Si need to look deeper into this issue.
  8. I just don't get it, I can run FM19 on Very High settings with GPU usage at 60% in a 3D match, yet FM20 performs so poorly I can barely watch a match on medium settings with 90%+ GPU usage.
  9. Sadly 3d performance of the match engine is still terrible for me. *Edit* Zoomed in TV or sideline view is fine, but zoomed out to see the majority of the field really has a huge performance hit.
  10. Well, the Beta has now been out for a while, it has received a few hotfixes and now a larger patch so i figured its probably a reasonable time to provide some feedback. Honestly I haven't played much as sadly the performance of the 3D graphics engine is well..............'poor' for me this year, the menus and non match screen performance is pretty snappy but comparing FM19 to FM20 the match graphics engine performance is like night and day........and not in a good way. FM19, watching the 3D Match Engine on very high settings is a solid 60fps with gpu usage at 65%, FM20 is a stuttery motion sickness inducing mess at 50fps -90%+ gpu usage yet the quality of the graphics looks barely any different and the changes seem to contribute very little to the FM experience. I understand that specs/requirement increase year on year but surely I should be able to at least play FM20 on high or medium settings with a comparable look and performance to FM19, the reality of the situation is that this is not the case. With the match engine performance as it is I just can't play, I'm still hopeful the performance will be improved over time but at this time SI seem to be unwilling to acknowledge this as an actual issue with FM and seem happy to push this onto the 'its your CPU' or 'its your GPU' excuse so I can only gather that it has been a deliberate design choice by SI to increase the system requirements for FM. If that is the case then I really question where SI's priorities lay for FM and where FM is heading.
  11. The lag/stutter is not so bad in that 'TV' type view, it is considerably worse in the sideline view where you can see the majority of the field and the all the players at once.
  12. Same, I'm a bargain shopper in both, I like cash in the bank and look for good deals. There is nothing better than finding somebody elses quality reject on the transfer list for cheap, giving him the game time he wants and then seeing him come good.
  13. Yeah, pretty much every game. There is a topic posted in the beta bugs section.
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