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  1. Well after going back to FM20 during the beta because I'm not a fan of the new match UI I returned to FM21 on full release to give it another go and I'm now 157 hours in. Short story is, I quite like the new match engine and that has somewhat overcome the downside that is the new match UI. I've been able to accept the matchUI for what it is, most of the information is there and I've been able to adapt how I watch matches, when info becomes available and how to access it otherwise. The amount of traversing the screen from left to right with the mouse on an ultrawide in the match UI i
  2. So the timeline control has also been removed when viewing previous match replays? This is absolutely crazy!
  3. Yeah I'm the same, I've gone back to FM20 and will reassess FM21 once SI have reflected on the feedback and we have full release. I'm finding the matchUI rather frustrating to use, just poorly thought out, unintuitive and a chore to use.
  4. Its like a game inside the game mate.....................like 'whack a mole', FM is testing that you are paying attention, you have to anticipate the break in play and quickly mash pause so you can read the dugout info before it quickly disappears again. It is a truly frustrating and downright crazy change to the match UI. These match UI changes are verging on a deal breaker for me.
  5. Well I've played a few more games now and I really don't like the new match UI, I'm finding it truly frustrating. The 'player bar' takes up too much screen real estate, this could really be condensed, this is why the widgets are so good, you can place them size them or even take them away. The commentary bar is too small, it may as well not be there. I can't seem to find a way to view the dugout unless its in between highlights and most of the time I miss that information as the game moves onto the next highlight, so then you need to click to open the tablet and the dugout info
  6. Is the team selection screen now being a fixed size a bug? I have an ultrawide and the layout is not filling my screen, i have lot of wasted space on either side. and no room to add more columns.
  7. Sort of a weird decision considering they still use them on the player screens.
  8. Why have the position suitability circles been removed from the tactics screen?
  9. I think this is a step backwards, I watch the highlights mostly so I use and want the information at a glance, I don't want to have to click to see it or wait till in between highlights
  10. I've only had a quick play before heading off to work, I'm really impressed with the smoothness and response of the UI, processing saving etc is all nice and quick. Great work! Here are a few things that came to mind in the short time so far. I like the new press conferences/team chat etc format. Will there be a dark skin? The purple is ok but as a few others have said some things are difficult to read and the white on the top 'processing' bar is too bright compared to the darkness of the rest of the skin. I don't like the missing widgets during the match, this is a major
  11. I had this problem as well with sideline, it somehow magically fixed itself at halftime and I could then zoom. But I then also found then when in between highlights if i used the mouse scroll button to scroll a stat window it would also zoom the camera.
  12. I'm a little conflicted as well on this one, normally I pre-order no questions, I generally want to keep supporting development, but this years features (which I realise have been covid affected) are a little disappointing considering we are being asked for full price again. Last years poor 3D match engine performance at release was also a kick in the teeth that I haven't forgotten. I'm starting to feel a little taken advantage of.
  13. Thanks Si, my frame rate is now a solid 60fps and smooth during a match...........
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