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  1. Well, executioner V3 tactic or more successful cerber v2 tactic?
  2. I have had great success with the Bloodlust tactic, is there any significant performance increase between the ashbringer v3 tactic and the bloodlust v4 tactic? In short, is it worth giving up the bloodlust v4 tactic for the ashbringer v3 tactic?
  3. The only difference I can see is that more positions were entered with the cerber and ashbringer v1 tactic, but in 2 matches you would definitely have 1 goal. In the Bloodlust tactic, you take fewer positions but don't score goals. Ashbringer and Cerber : 1860 Munich - FC Kaiserslautern (2-1) 1860 Munich - Uerdingen (2-0) Bloodlust: 1860 Munich - FC Kaiserslautern (3-0) 1860 Munich - Uerdingen (0-0) I think the wing players are unable to open closed matches. It has become easier to beat big teams with a bloodlust tactic, but extra solutions are needed against small teams.
  4. With the last two tactics you did, I got the same result when I arrived mid-season. What do you think about this topic?
  5. If the opponent is equal to us or has weak strength from us, we use the bloodlust tactics, if the opponent is stronger than us, we use the ashbringer tactics, right? Let's imagine we are Watford. Watford - Liverpool (Ashbringer) Watford - Bolton (Bloodlust)
  6. Have you tested enough of these new tactics? Unfortunately, wing players cannot play as well as the back-footed wing player. If you have tested, can you take a few screenshots? Thank you, I wish you continued success.
  7. Thank you. But if both are used for support or offensive duty, does it cause a problem? In short, if two of their duties are the same, should they be support or offensive?
  8. One of them is in support duty, one is in offensive mission. Are you sure it's updated correctly?
  9. Which tactic is better? Ashbringer V1 or Cerber V1? Or what kind of usage do you suggest? Shall we start the league with the ashbringer tactic, when we fall back, and move on to the cerber tactic? Or should we use the ashbringer tactic when we are the host and the cerber tactic while playing away? And what are the uses of the slayer tactic?
  10. I do not approach the teams according to their reputation level. I determine the strength of the squad he established that year, according to his prediction in the league. I leave a few examples of that below and in order to win matches on the road, the team must seriously adapt, regardless of who the opponent is.
  11. First of all hello. I have been following you for a long time and thank you for your tactics. @Totalfootballfan I tried the previous tactical combination with many different teams. I would like to convey that I am satisfied with the results. But there is something I want to point out in order to help you. First, home and away tactics should be different. If I give an example from the previous tactical combination; (Home: Pyromancer * Away: Punisher * While defeated: Executioner) So why? Because the players play differently when they are hosts, and differently when they are away. Using tactics in this way increases performance even more. (In short, artificial intelligence has been developed to make you feel more pressure while away.) Moreover, I do not find it right to leave the training to the assistant. You should develop a training system that is suitable for the displacement tactic. Do not transfer your training program to your assistant. So, use different training programs for the host and different training for away.
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