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  1. Cheers, I did change his details, but I'll give your suggestion a go.
  2. Have tried changing a number of areas to get the 5 year plan to change, but can not manage it. Bordeaux FC is the team I'm trying to change, but first season (and every season thereafter) the club expect me to win the league. Surely this is an area you can edit, does anyone have a suggestion or knows how to make the desired change please? Cheers in advance.
  3. Cheers, so if club >owner & chairman, how do you adjust the 5 year plan?
  4. I'd also appreciate clarity surrounding this, who sets the club vision? Edited owner, but that has made no difference. Also changed Managing Director, same result. I want to set the teams five year plan. Any help gratefully received.
  5. I'd like to see more options for this type of thing. I use 125% and wish it could be slightly higher. (started off playing CM1 on Amiga and still going at ripe old age of almost 42 years - that's alot of gaming and the larger screen would support my old eyes!) By the way OP - Many years ago now CM/FM was compatible with Zoomtext? It's a very popular software program for the visually impaired that enlarges Windows and it's applications. I've since left that industry, so now unaware of whether this is still the case, but should your eye sight decline further over time then I'd suggest trying it out - or something similar to it. It has crossed my mind what I would do were my sight to deteriorate and something like additional software that could work on top of FM would be very useful and extend the time you could still access the game for.
  6. No problem, aside from this one minor issue the game has always been very reliable.
  7. Yes, the game works fine in maximised window mode - I change the game to this viewing mode every time I load up the game. (Played 100's of hours this way since your first instructions on how to get the game loaded up properly.) Let me know if you want any further details.
  8. Hi there, Duncan. Any chance of an update on whether this is working as intended now please? Also, can you advise as to the command which makes the game load up in maximised window settings? Many thanks and please accept my advanced appreciation for any support you can give.
  9. No problem, will await an update. Thanks again for the help, at least the game loads up properly now. Back to my saved game. Enjoy your evening.
  10. Well done, that loaded FM16 with no problem or delay. Does this answer your question as to what may be the underlying problem? Thanks for the support btw.
  11. Some Windows updates over past couple of days but the issue was happening before those updates took place. Can not remember previously to this week, it has been a while since I remember my system doing an update at shut down. No additional software has been installed, installed and uninstalled a Total War game but nothing that I would feel could cause the issue. All G cards are up to date etc.
  12. Surprised no one has mentioned him, but Gonçalo Guedes is great in my game and is essentially Ronaldo the second coming. Costs quite a bit to buy him, his buy out is like £40m :S but he is very much worth it. Great professional and goals/assists galore. Also check out Victor, young (15 years old) at start of the game, is Brazilian. Turns out to be an amazing right back and back be picked up for free at the start of the game, although I didn't get him until he turned 17. Very consistent and super stats, highly recommended.
  13. FM16 has been fine since release, until the past week or so. (maybe longer as not played it much over holiday period) Click game icon to load up, it goes to load, a black screen appears with the blue spinning wheel that just keeps turning and the game sits there doing nothing. The only way to sort this issue out is to do a I ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task manager option so allowing me to go back to the Windows screen (as Alt tabbing at this point will not work), if at this point I reclick on FM16 icon located on the taskbar it will then complete the load up cycle with no problems. Have tried a full reinstall, still no joy. Any ideas please?
  14. Maybe so, though the post and guide you point towards was last updated by The Hand of God; 22-11-2014 at 14:05. So hardly current. @ OP - I would wait, there really isn't much to write home about at the moment whilst the match engine is getting fixed up. Give it a week or so and all will be sorted and people will start coming out with fresh and relevant guides.
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