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  1. Oh cool! Is that something you can do in game? Or do you need an editor or something? As for the save - proper love it. I've been managing in Portugal for a while, but usually trying to turn Benfica into European greats. I now feel inspired to take a lower team to the top.
  2. Have loved catching up with this - brilliant career! One question though - what are the codes after youth players names?
  3. I play with a midfield two - a DLP and a CM. I'm stacked with options for the DLP - but I can't seem to find anyone that fits the CM role perfectly. Any recommendations? I'm playing as Benfica, end of second season with approx £25M to spend.
  4. Porto, Benfica or Sporting into a Euro powerhouse?
  5. Raul Jiminez, Haris Seferovic & Jonas @ Benfica are a perfect strike trio! All three got over 20 goals in the league, and Jiminez got 49 all comps as well as 23 assists.
  6. Cool - I normally get my assistant manger to handle as I haven't looked into it. Will take a look when on next
  7. I've done a little bit of searching, but can't seem to find any answers towards this.... Training - how does it work? I seem to remember in earlier versions you went for 5 star coaches, and then your players would realise their potential. How does it work in 18? I don't think i've bothered with training in the last couple of versions.
  8. I put it there guessing it would. Loaded up a quick tester game last night and love it! Very interested in the update - what will it contain? (Roughly....)
  9. But but but....haha! I might download now and trial it a little. When do you think the update might come out? Also, what do i do with the download? Does it go in database folder or something like that?
  10. What League do Malvern Town play in? Quite interested and might have to download this later....
  11. Echoing the shouts for Kayne Diedrick-Roberts. Picked him up on a free for my Solihull Moors team. 1st season he kept us in the Vanarama National, second season he got me promoted and third season he's helping us keep our heads above water in league two. Another gem I found was Emil Jacobson on loan from Derby - fantastic target man and works well with KDR
  12. So, it might be becasue my team is totally crap and this formation doesn't suit them - but I'm really struggling with this tactic. I'm playing as Solihull Moors, and I'm expected to fight relegation - so that gives you an idea of the team. Hoever, I concede bucket loads, and in patches too. Once I concede, I'll typically concede two or three in quick succession.... Anyone else having trouble in lower leagues?
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