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  1. Never happened in god knows how many years but going to try for the Met Police once again. Probably won't happen though .
  2. I'm sure it's something unpleasant but what are they chanting at Diego Costa? If it can even be put here without being censored.
  3. FC Infesta | Manager Overview | Manager Information | Club Overview | Club Information | Domestic History | Squad Joao Da Costa takes over at FC Infesta (Totally not because it sounds like some disease). The club was founded in 1934 and they play their home matches at the Parque de Jogos Manuel Ramos in São Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos. The stadium is able to accommodate 500 spectators. The club is affiliated to Associação de Futebol do Porto and has competed in the AF Porto Taça. The club has also entered the national cup competition known as Taça de Portugal on many occasions. That's right, 500 capacity. Suck it Benfica!
  4. Obviously it depends on who you are but in my Spurs game I use 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 (With the 3 being AML-AMC-AMR instead of AMC-AMC-AMC). Finished 5th & 2nd in my 2 seasons, just started the 3rd season. With FMC i've found it's better to be simple. Bad runs/results have usually been a case of me being too intricate or trying non standard tactics of my own. I do far better using the default formations. We all have games we should win that we don't though, that's football. I drew 2-2 with Huddersfield and they had 2 shots total, 1 shot on target and an own goal .
  5. The problem with any sort of anonymous chat like that (For evidence, see every other online game in existence), is that it will very quickly turn into 90% abuse/trolling.
  6. I'm going to attempt to try this again ! I usually get frustrated after a couple of seasons. Main reason for this post is I always would like to be the Met Police for some reason, and due to their low rep they never come up. If anyone would be so lucky as to see them whilst reloading, would you be kind enough to upload the save. Two days of reloading until I gave up last year .
  7. Wingate & Finchley Season 1 - 2012/13 Blue Square South Predicted - 22nd | Finished - 16th Table | Positions | Transfers 1/2 | Squad 1/2 | Finances I suppose this must be classed as a successful season in the end. Lost my first 6 league games leaving me rock bottom and unable to see a way out straight away. At the end of October I had a record of P12 W2 D0 L10 which had me luckily second bottom due to Bedford's ineptitude. After a few more iffy results I went on a run of only 3 defeats in 19 games which pretty much ensured my safety. Only 3 more wins came from the last 12 games but by that stage we were already OK. Didn't do anything of note in the cups. Got to the 3rd qualifying round of the FA Cup and first round proper of the FA Trophy before being knocked out. Star Man: Abubakar Sheego, or Sheeeeeeeeeeeeegs to his fans, was excellent. Also my only international player, a Somali international. We may have gone further had he not missed 5 and a half months of the season at various stages due to injury, but 16 goals in 20 games is a fantastic return. Easily top scorer even though he played far fewer games than most. Aims For Next Season: Consolidate. Promotion is probably too far away, but a solid season would be fine for me. I also need to trim the squad as I signed alot of dross in desperation in the first few months of the season. Season League Position FA Cup Other Cups Achievements 2012/13 Blue Square South 16th 3rd Qual Rnd FA Trophy 1st Round None
  8. This is not easy as Wingate . Just got my first points after 7 games, 21st in the league. No-one wants to join either so i've just had to sign what I can and hope. I even resorted to looking at who you guys have signed which I don't usually do, and the vast majority of them wouldn't even talk to me !
  9. Wingate & Finchley Manager Profile I'm giving it a go with Wingate & Finchley.
  10. Bored of trying to get Met Police after 3 days now. Going to keep reloading until the end of the Spurs game then pick from the saves I have.
  11. I think I have a Wingate if you want me to upload it. Still haven't got Met Police after reloading last night and a good chunk of today :/ .
  12. I'm still waiting for the Met Police to come up. Getting close to quitting.
  13. Day 2 of reloading begins. Can't the Met Police just arrest all the teams above them .
  14. You'd be ridiculously lucky to get Kendal within 3 reloads.
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