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  1. Has anyone managed to get the freebie Ghosts n Ghouls DLC working for the Capcom Arcade? The store says I have it, but when I try to launch the game it tells me I need to get it.
  2. Yeah as someone who has been on the doing end of file migrations, expect carnage. Even when it goes completely smoothly on a technical basis, the majority of people don't read emails from IT anyway so will be unaware of it happening.
  3. Does anyone do any lazy sofa gaming? Considering sticking a small PC under my TV but contemplating keyboard and mouse usage. The gaming companies to these lapboards like this or there's small tables from places like Amazon. They do look a bit cramped though.
  4. ^ This. From all the GDPR stuff at my work when it launched, i'm pretty sure it's 30 days unless they can prove complex/exceptional circumstances. I also doubt Covid counts. Might be worth contacting the ICO asking them their opinion on the response.
  5. Odds on how long it takes for the first one to get kicked out for starting a Yaya Toure chant?
  6. We're never getting a dark theme/mode are we.
  7. This. Everthing in life needs a dark theme!
  8. Yeah I don't like the reverse grid idea from a competitive standpoint. You're basically punishing teams for doing a good job. Plus midfield teams will obviously try to manufacture finishing 8th or whatever gives them reverse grid pole. It's like making a dominant football team start evry game 2-0 down cos they're too good. There'd be riots if any league tried that/.
  9. Completed it for the next 8 weeks anyway . Congrats in all seriousness though! I just couldn't get interested much with BfA. Did the first tier and then just messed around for the rest of it. Got into the Shadowlands beta luckily. Tried out the classes and probably going to go with chars I either haven't played for a long time, or not played seriously before. Think it'll be Rogue, Mage, Warrior this time round, at least to begin with.
  10. Except the majority of the biggest streamers aren't based on gaming skill, they're personailty/entertainment streams. Not many people on this list are pros. Do people watch Asmongold or TimTheTatman cos of their appearance?
  11. Ah yes Mario, i'm sure this made Bubba Wallace feel extremely welcome.
  12. Wow, that's awesome. I love the Trackmania games. Was already planning on buying it! It's a shame it never really grew beyond Nations Forever or Trackmania 2. It being off Steam these days won't help either. Edit: Just been doing some reading. Seems they are actually tiering the game. A free limited version, then 2 subscription models. They really are determined to kill the series it seems.
  13. The issue is the way they do the maps/objects. Each map is just 1 big lump, so if they change where a single rock lives in a map, rather than just having to download the rock you have to redownload the whole map again. The PC update was 30GB, but only around 4GB of that is the new content. The other 26GB is edits/changes to old maps, weapons, models etc.
  14. I'm upto 104 for turnips this afternoon, a massive 1 bell profit for me if I were to sell. I've never played one of these before and didn't realise you have to keep talking to the washed up guy. Did it twice and he was still passed out soassumed it was something that would roll over to the next day. I assume he'll turn up again at some stage?
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