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  1. Never happened in god knows how many years but going to try for the Met Police once again. Probably won't happen though .
  2. I'm sure it's something unpleasant but what are they chanting at Diego Costa? If it can even be put here without being censored.
  3. FC Infesta | Manager Overview | Manager Information | Club Overview | Club Information | Domestic History | Squad Joao Da Costa takes over at FC Infesta (Totally not because it sounds like some disease). The club was founded in 1934 and they play their home matches at the Parque de Jogos Manuel Ramos in São Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos. The stadium is able to accommodate 500 spectators. The club is affiliated to Associação de Futebol do Porto and has competed in the AF Porto Taça. The club has also entered the national cup competition known as Taça de Portugal on many occas
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