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  1. Delph isn't really a holding player to be honest. He plays box to box while Westwood sits.
  2. Didn't expect this thread to descend into madness so quickly. That was a good performance and we lost to a team that are a bit better and more experienced than we are in these situations. A few tweaks here and there and do people really think that we're not at least going to give Uruguay a good game. After watching that last night I'm more than confident that we can pick up 6 points now. Much better than the dross we've had to watch at recent tournaments. Just remember how bad we were in South Africa. All this stuff about the results being the worst possible is utter madness. Would anyone not want to be in a situation where qualification is still entirely in your own hands?!
  3. http://espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1478838/reds-want-suarez-transfer-request?cc=5739
  4. ''My reason for leaving is not money. It is my family & my image. I don't feel comfortable here anymore.''
  5. If anyone's interested we've secured Liverpool’s two home Europa League ties on 2 or 9 August and 23 or 30 August and a friendly against Bayer Leverkeusen at Anfield on 12 August. By we, I mean ESPN.
  6. Carroll and Cole up front. Jesus. What a combination.
  7. Carroll's agent is also Nolan and Allardyce's agent...They're his three big clients.
  8. Anyone seen Rio's Twitter? Not sure there's any need for that really.
  9. Hmm, someone should think about playing Gerrard and Lampard together in central midfield.
  10. Hodgson meeting with Terry and Ferdinand now (seperately). It's going to be one or the other.
  11. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1070254/gary-neville-joins-england-coaching-staff?cc=5739
  12. Gary Neville has been appointed to the England coaching staff on a four-year contract.
  13. We're so horrific this season it's hard to judge Zog fairly. He's been doing ok lately and I have a hunch that if we didn't have such a horror show of a manager he'd have performed a lot better for us. He's got the ability. He just needs to be managed properly.
  14. Highlights from yesterday for anyone that missed it. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/video_audio/137060.html
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