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  1. 22 minutes ago, ArsenalFan7 said:

    I did feel a bit for anyone with no Panama goals yesterday, bound to blank against Tunisia now :D 

    Sky have Salah, Suarez anytime boosted to 7/1, taking a chance with both being penalty takers and main threats.

    I don't think Salah's playing pal.

  2. Yeah, Savage is dreadful. Bad opinions, loves the sound of his own voice (and himself) and can barely string a coherent sentence together.

    He's everything that's wrong with pundits in this country. Thick and arrogant.

    This tbh.

    He was a prat when we employed him when I was at ESPN. Does zero research before a match, shows up and then can't even string together actual sentences. Only used him because he's cheap. Same for Keown.

  3. You can sort of perhaps have some level of understanding when it's drunken teenagers / lads in their 20's who have drunk too much and get caught up in it. But when you see pictures of middle-aged blokes in their 40's and 50's out there behaving like this it's just a bit sad and pathetic. Grow up. You probably haven't got that long left to live so just enjoy a bit of footie and a holiday.

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