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  1. Just sending all the schools back in one go doesn't seem sensible. Would it not make sense to do that in phases? 

    I'm a little concerned about the plans as they are tbh. If kids go back on March 8 we will surely see exactly what we've seen before as nothings changed for those groups? Children haven't been vaccinated, teachers haven't, and most parents of school-age children which would be in their 30s and 40s haven't either... 👍

  2. 6 minutes ago, Reggiana said:

    Should still be somewhat worried about cases since we want to try and avoid giving it too many chances to mutate.

    Also, the average age for hospitalisations is 59, which suggests although the vaccine will have had a big effect on the number of hospitalisations you'd still get a lot if cases were allowed to go up again.

    Although I don't think they're going to let cases go up much anyway, they look set to be fairly cautious.

    Your point about mutation is really important tbh.


  3. 25 minutes ago, hardeepR said:

    Had a quick check on Wiki and in the comic universe she seems to be very much a “good guy” (and the wiki page does mention that “quicksilver is summoned” for a confrontation)

    I’m guessing we are starting to see Monica/Photon’s powers emerging?

    I also quite like the use of Modern Family’s docu/4th wall style to allow Darcy to be herself in the hex.

    But most importantly what sit-com style will they use next week?!? (Is there mid 2010s sit-com format to move things forward or have we reached the end of that particular evolution?)

    2 Broke Girls for the ultimate Kat Dennings crossover.

  4. “Even those events generally involve either prolonged close contact or a mixture of indoor and outdoor time. We had a lot of existing knowledge even when the pandemic began about respiratory viruses and how they transmit in general, and everything directs us to the conditions in people’s homes and workplaces.”

    Looking forward to the Telegraph telling us all to get back to the office.

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