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  1. He's a beast!! Verry strong player. I sold him for 21 mil to Sevilla.
  2. This is the translation ;-) Is this new tac used for version 20.2.4?
  3. I 'me verry happy with the Phoenix V4 tactic! I play now with Anderlecht (this is my 4th season in FM2020). Before i was coach of a small Belgium team. i have a lot of ball posision +-65% Ty verry much for this tactics
  4. Hello, First, sorry for my englisch. Second: I play the touch version, is it normale that after the update patch 20.2.4 my tactic (4-4-2) sucks? I played 6 matches and i won 0 match and lost 3 matches.. Before the update i won all my matches. Also i have a lot of injury players. Thx for the information!
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