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  1. No because those numbers are not in the config. If your person image changed then their UID is present in the config, you just have to figure out which specific UID it is via trial and error.
  2. Yeah I've played with some bigger databases and had to increase the file's size. Try this one, it goes up to UID 2000139999. big-config.xml The way to use this is, rename to config.xml, put it in the proper place, activate it and refresh, then when you look up the number in the image you get an ID like 2000139999. This means your found person has an ID that matches 2000XX9999. Try replacing the XX by decrementing until you find your person in question. i.e. 2000139999, then if not that try 2000129999, if not there try 2000119999 etc. By 2000089999 you will have found them.
  3. I'm posting this in the bugs forum because I need to rant and I consider this process to be so opaque and fraught with peril it counts as a bug. I'm playing an American club in a modded USA pyramid but I don't think the nation or database matters. Anyway, here's my story. Once upon a time I started a new journeyman save managing a local amateur club. I brought in some Carribbean-based players on amateur contracts and promised about 15 guys Star Player status but managed to juggle it and keep everyone satisfied all season, and we won the league and got promoted despite only top half expect
  4. Hi, I love this skin and I have one small but annoying bug to report. (This may be caused by my 150% zoom but I don't think so, I run at 3440 x 1440 so I need to zoom or everything is TINY) When I visit a player's attributespage, the positions pitch looks messed up and cut off, see screenshot: BUT, if I look at his profile page and then go back to attributes, it fixes itself and looks correct: Any workaround or fix possible for this?
  5. My season has just begun and I have 9 injured 1st team starters, lol however two of them are Sturridge and Wilshere and we know they are both made of glass
  6. maybe his girlfriend broke up with him which made him depressed and that would explain why my female U23 physios are able to "treat" this "pain"
  7. Haha I'm using this and my U21 striker was just sent home for 5-6 days to recover from "Personal reasons" I hope he recovers from those personal reasons it really sounds painful. I'm not criticizing, it makes sense and is realistic for players to occasionally miss time for personal reasons, but the way FM words this really really makes me laugh.
  8. No doubt Haha no, speaking as a software developer with 30 year experience that's not possible. At worst it could cause a crash and screw up my FM database and require a re-install but there is no way it can damage my hardware. When it stops responding I can just kill it with Task Manager and it's fine. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Not sure what I would want different, and I'm elbow deep in a different save anyway. Mostly just wanted to load it out of curiosity.
  9. that's what I thought too, thank you.
  10. I am able to start a game using the mod, it seems to work great, even using all 20 divisions is fine. I loaded the full league last night and then went on vacation unemployed and it played through 10 seasons while I slept and everything looks perfect. But I just can't load the mod in the pre-game editor at all, it freezes while trying to load the DB changes even though my PC is pretty beefy. Is 16GB of RAM not sufficient to load this in the editor? I'm learning about the editor this year and I've been learning a lot looking at other people's mods so I thought I'd look at how you did this
  11. FYI there are a couple typos in the word "Division", I think in the 20th Div name the word is misspelled and in the short name of one of the higher leagues it's also misspelled similarly. This is amazing work though, I actually tried to load this in the editor but it would not work for me, there are almost a million DB changes and it seems to make my editor freeze. How did you even DO this?!?! Really I just wanted to change some of the division names because I'm an old fart and I don't know what the heck an "ooclanoo" is but I think that can be done post-start in the IGE.
  12. Is weak foot training just not possible in FM21? It doesn't seem to be an option anymore. If I have a wonderkid striker who is very one footed, am I now just out of luck on improving that aspect of his ability? Seems unrealistic.
  13. Is it possible to configure a players Agreed Playing Time in the pre-game editor? I'm adding a loan player to a team and it insists on making him a Star Player when I start the game and I don't want that, if I manually loaned him I would be able to negotiate this down to Regular Starter, but I can't find a way to set this in the editor... is this just not possible?
  14. Could you explain how to configure this? All I see here are the preferences for where the nation's teams tend to acquire players? How could I make it so, say, Brazilians are allowed to move overseas at 16 rather than waiting until they're 18?
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