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  1. What you need to do is, delegate your youth training, confirm it, then go to Dev Center and change the youth team's tactic. Then re-assume control of youth training. The setting will stay, but sometimes I have seen it take a few in-game days to take effect on the tactics screen. But once they play a match it should definitely be using the tactic you set.
  2. Well I don't use the Development Center because I control training for those teams. But yes, I would like an email every time there is a development team match scheduled which takes me right to their tactics screen to pick a lineup every match and for the development team manager to always respect that lineup. As an aside, I can't pick lineups from the "First Team Players Available" email because the interface is terrible and doesn't show me the development team players available. I'm not really interested in making 1st team players available for these matches, in many cases it's a Youth or B or C team league match which my first team players aren't even eligible for. But I like picking the lineups because I'm often cross-training those development players in new positions so I need the control to make them play in a position they aren't good at yet.
  3. No, this is not what's happening. I'm aware that email changes the lineup and I always wait to set my lineup until I get that email. These players will be in the lineup before the game and after the game but they will not actually play IN the game, they are silently replaced. I tried to upload this save but my rural potato internet will just not allow it, the upload always fails when my connection flakes. It seems to only affect those players I noticed and when I bumped them up to the higher team it was fine. One guy who can't play for the B team I had to send out on loan. Still don't know what happened but I think it has something to do with using those players in first team friendlies which I have stopped doing ever since and no problems since.
  4. Another issue I just had in this save which I'm not sure is related: I scheduled a post-winter-break friendly for the C team and made a lot of members of the B team available for that friendly. But weirdly I was not able to add any B team player to the match squad, dragging them into the squad did nothing and they were just not selectable. Quick pick also refused to add any B team player to the squad. They did show up in the squad list just couldn't be added to any match squad position. I don't understand why the B team players wouldn't be allowed to play in a C team friendly. I would have thought anyone is supposed to be available for friendlies? The B team definitely did not have a match the same day, that C team match was the only thing scheduled for my squad.
  5. OK thank you, I will do that. My internet is slow so I'll probably try to to do it overnight since my file is about 400MB. I'll post here when it's uploaded in a day or two.
  6. This is happening to other players too, one of my C team goalies and one of my B team left wingers became untouchables to their manager and stopped being allowed to be selected. They were selectable in late September but then became unselectable through October and I only noticed because they refuse to gain match sharpness (because they never actually play). I believe this is related to me including these 2 players as substitutes in a first team friendly to fill out the bench while I had players off on international duty. The goalie definitely did not play in that friendly (the winger probably did) but it seems to have made him unplayable in the C team? I think this is definitely a bug and I don't think it is related to the lower league Spanish DB because it's also happening to my B team which is playing in a supported league.
  7. yes, I cross train new positions on my youth and reserve players regularly, it's very effective. the time it takes varies depending on how versatile the player is and how different the position is from the other positions the player knows and if there is any existing knowledge of that position but in most cases it doesn't take a young player more than 2-3 months to go from Makeshift to Accomplished.
  8. There is also a player like this on my B team. The B team manager silently removes him from the lineup when I add him, I've been wondering why he won't gain match fitness. This guy Nico Serrano has played for the first team but only 3 times ever. It seems like he was previously getting same B team starts but now he doesn't. I don't understand what's going on with this and it is extremely frustrating. Is there a rule I don't understand? but if so then why am I being allowed to add them to the squad and the starting lineup?
  9. Managing in Spain, I have 3 players on my C team who the C team manager absolutely refuses to play. As far as I can tell they are eligible in every way, none of them have played 10 games for a higher team and they are all under 23. I add them to his starting lineup on the C team tactics screen, and they stay there after the match, but if I look at the match report they will all have been replaced and not used as subs. Ander Llorente, Mikel Kortazar, and Ander Laka are all in my starting lineup. (This is after the match but it's the same line up I set up for the C team before the match. But here in the match report, we see they were all moved to the bench and unused. I've added them to the starting lineups over and over again but they never play. He seems like he should be eligible, never having played for a higher club ever. So what gives? Always an unused sub too. Something is not right but I can't figure out what it is.
  10. I like to choose my own lineups for my U18 and other development teams, because I often use those games to do new position training for my up & comers. So I always set "Ask which first team players are available" to "Every match". But, this doesn't really mean every match because often times if none of my first team players are available I won't get an email. But I want to set the lineup anyway. What I would like to see is a new responsibility in Staff -> Responsibilities -> Tactics that's something like "Choose Lineups" and it defaults delegated to the lower team manager and behaves the same if left alone, but if I take that over I would get an email every match to choose their lineup, regardless of first team anything. Also regardless of anything else it would be so so immensely helpful if the "Make First Team players available" email had a Quick Pick button. That would be amazing and save me a ton of time.
  11. I'm managing Athletic Bilbao in Spain, I'm in La Liga Santander and my B team is in La Liga Smartbank. When my B team has a match, I get an email asking me which first team players I want to make available. The game knows those players have to be under 23 but it DOESN'T realize that they are not eligible to play for the B team if they've played 10 first team matches. So it lets me make them available and add them to the lineup but when the match gets played they're silently replaced by other available players in the B team squad. I think this is a bug as the game should not allow me to add those ineligible players to the B team lineup.
  12. If you control training for the lower team, you can't set the tactic. But if you relinquish control of training, you should be able to set the tactic in the Development Center and then when you take over training again the change to the tactic will still persist. Might not change immediately but it will change.
  13. i had this same issue and figured out the workaround, replying just so it's here in case anyone else needs the answer, all you need to do is relinquish control of training and then you can set the lower team's tactic in the Development Center. Then you can re-take control of training and the change you made will persist, it may take a week but the lower team manager will obey and change tactics.
  14. Actually I figured out how to change it after getting some reddit advice, it's a little weird to do but it works. What you have to do is, go into Staff settings for Training and delegate all your training away from yourself, so the sub-teams no longer show up in your sidebar. Then, go into Development Center and look at the tactics for your U18/U23/B/C teams, on that screen there will be a setting for which tactic you want them to use, put that as your main tactic (or whatever one you want that team using if different). Then you can go back into the Staff settings and re-assume control of training, the changes you made in Development Center will remain changed. It may take a couple games for the lower team manager to adjust so just wait a bit but soon you'll see him switch formations to the one you picked.
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