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  1. Can you share a screenshot of your tactic? This way we can have a better understanding of what you're trying to achieve and provide a more valuable feedback. Generally speaking, If I have a weaker team I usually play cautious, sit a bit deeper, mark their ways of penetrating in order to steal the ball and hit them on the counter with more direct passing. If my team is equal or stronger, I usually play balanced or attacking and identify which area is their weakest and focus my attacks there.
  2. I agree with Sarmatian's comment above. I had the same frustration when I first started playing FM20 and I thought my strikers were broken. They were missing 1on1s regularly against weaker goalkeepers, missing clear cut chances, headers, etc. Then all of a sudden I'll score a goal out of a nonsense deflection, free kick or corner. Basically it's just the FM20 engine compensating for the lack of solid defending so it forces your players to miss those easy chances. It's very frustrating because when you see those chances you're all proud of your tactic only to see your strikers miss all the c
  3. Does the instruction 'roam from position' only apply to making a player available to receive a pass or does it also apply to making himself available to take a shot from a better position?
  4. In what type of situations 'Show onto foot' applies to? Does it apply only when a player is at a shooting situation? I've only used it on strikers having a weaker foot so I'm curious if this instruction also applies to wingers/fullbacks crossing the ball or even central defenders paying from the back?
  5. I was absolutely destroying teams with my attacking formation but after a while, the opponents started parking the bus and hit me on the counters so I switched to patient in order to minimize the risk.
  6. Is there any specific training schedule in order to improve the conversion rate of my chances? I create tons of chances but my PA, IW and IF keep missing (Haaland, Dybala, Ronaldo). I play on a positive mentality, medium to low tempo and I don't use 'Shoot on sight'. If I use 'Work ball into box' my players get shut down easily. Team cohesion and atmosphere are maxed.
  7. Is it beneficial adding multiple PIs to a single player so that I can have more options in attack or is that going to lead to more confusion on the pitch? Example: Setting your central midfielder to shoot more and play risky passes. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hey guys, Should I use the two remaining slots for creating different formations, or use the same formation but with different mentalities and instructions for opponents that are for example more open and opponents who are extremely defensive? Thank you in advance.
  9. I'm playing 4-3-3 with Juventus and I think my attacking potential is fairly decent with the likes of Ronaldo, Haaland, Dybala, Costa, Everton and Bernardeschi. As you already know, teams in Seria A often defend viciously with 11 men behind the ball so it's extremely challenging to break them. I'm doing pretty good with that by playing wide so I stretch them easily. The only issue I have is how to play effectively against teams that tackle very aggressively? I've tried the following but it didn't seem much effective. It only improved the ball movement. - Dribble less. This way my play
  10. If you're looking to exploit space more often, I'd suggest you to set your mentality to attacking in order to match your tempo and the 'directness' of your passes. With attacking mentality, every player takes more risks by pushing into spaces. I believe this way you can create more chances and have fluidity in your movements. In addition, I'd suggest you to set both your fullbacks to attacking because I know how painful this formation can be for attacking more spaces. This way you can stretch your opponents more.
  11. When I'm totally clueless and feel like I probably won't create a single chance, I set the mentality to attacking and increase the tempo as much as I can in order to force attacking plays. This tactic saved my a*s so many times with a random goal when the games were destined to end 0-0. In addition to this, make sure to overload the opponent with numbers by including your fullbacks in attack as well. I play in Seria A so every opponent plays with a deeper defensive line and narrow tactics so it's very difficult to break opponents.
  12. I've noticed that they're defending extremely deep and narrow lately so I tried to stretch the pitch by playing wider. This is one of my main problem against almost every team. Can't create an open chance even by stretching the pitch. Do you think I should instruct my players to run at defense with a higher tempo in order to open up spaces?
  13. I think I found a solution for being closed down so easily. It was basically using a much higher tempo by and still retaining possession by playing short passes.
  14. Yup you're completely right. Usually Costa is is on attack duty because of his pace and low team work and Dybala has a support role so forgot to switch the mezzala's accordingly like in the example above.
  15. Hi guys, I usually prefer to do my own tweaking with my current tactic because I enjoy it, but this time I could definitely use more ideas on how to create more clear goalscoring opportunities. As you can see, I play 4-1-2-3 formation with Juventus but lately it feels like the AI found a 'meta' tactic in a way where I can't create any chances at all. Basically it feels like every defense I play against is prime time Milan with Maldini and Baresi. My players get easily tackled and can't dribble past anyone or create a chance in the final third. This is my second season how I play posses
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