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  1. That's a cool addition. I'm new to FMT on the Switch but I agree that the context menu button was not easily accessible. Does this mean that the contextual buttons are also changed when X was an option? Thanks!
  2. It's the same on my save with Benfica. They're so OP it's nuts.
  3. I'd much rather receive this update and enjoy the game with a working Match Engine, even if it means we'd have to skip the data update, than having to wait 6 weeks with a faulty match engine. In fact I'm almost sure I'll put the game aside before that. It was annoying before, but now knowing that there's a fix and I can't have it just makes me want to stop playing altogether. But I already bought the game, so it's all the same for SI. First and last time I buy this for the Switch.
  4. That's unfortunate. So we have to stick to a game with a broken match engine for how long?
  5. Is it known when we're going to receive the update?
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