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  1. This is two different features, but the second one kind of builds on the first one. 1. One of the most "debated/requested" features is the attacking and defensive positions. It is fairly clear that this is something that is very unlikely to be put in game both because it doesn't work well with how roles currently works, and because Miles has gone public on multiple occasions saying that this wont be a thing. I personally agree but I believe there is a potential feature that could please some of the people that request it, and also help some people understand exactly what some of the roles in the game does. The feature is a view within the tactics panel/screen that show the preferred movement of the roles on the pitch. This could display one offensive movement and one defensive movement panel to the players. This is not going to be something the player can edit, but rather something that they can view to get an overview of what spaces their players will want to move into, and with that get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their tactics and its current roles. I've added a Gif to display one way this could look within the tactics screen. (Attacking positions.gif) The Gif shows movement from Default to Attacking positions, a third mode would be Defensive positions. This could also look something like the animations you get when you try to select one of the Tactical styles, but that would probably make it harder to display movement for all individual tactics a player could create. 2. The second feature is a much larger feature that would have a much bigger effect on the entire game, but that I believe help push the game closer to realism. The feature would be a Role-Creator, not much unlike the current tactics creator. I think there would have to be a couple of changes to how roles currently work for it to be properly integrated into the game, the most important thing is that role familiarity would probably have to become a thing, otherwise the role-creator could be heavily abusable. The reason I still believe this feature would make the game better is because it would give players an even bigger sense of evolving their own style of football, I believe it would be impossible for FM to create enough roles that players could never get new ideas for roles that wasn't currently in the game. I'll just give some (bad) examples of roles that isn't possible to create in today's game: - A wide centerback that plays as a mix of fullback and a libero, joining attacks frequently(Almost like how Sheffield United CB's play) - A attacking midfielder that plays like a Target Man, kind of a mix between a Enganche and a Target Man. Other people can probably come up with way better playstyles that cant be replicated that I can, but it's still evidence that it's impossible for FM to have all current and future roles used in football. I'll list some of the settings/instructions I believe could be set when creating a new role, I do not know exactly how roles work now, and what hidden instructions they have, but I will give my best educated guess, I won't include most of the ones you already can modify within selected roles, but I think it should be possible to lock these when creating a role. (Like Target Man has Hold up ball locked). Instructions on the same line would be mutually exclusive, a option would not have to be selected. - Position: Self explanatory, where on the field. Off the ball (Attack) - Comes deep - Runs behind players - Acts as Target Man - Acts as Playmaker - Stays Back - Makes forward runs - Collect ball more - Stay wide - Cut inside (Exclusive for wide roles) - Roam wider (Wide centrally exclusive) Passing - Tries Killer balls often - Plays short simple passes - Use more creative freedom - Use more tactical discipline On the ball - Make more dribbles - Shoot more often - Look for pass rather than shot Defending - Fall off - Seek Duels - Track back more - Find space for counter These are just some example for "hidden instructions" which only would be available when creating the role, and not while giving players within the role player instructions. I would think the Role Creator screen would take you into a psudo-seperate screen the same way the tactics creator currently does, form there it could look something like how the player instruction panel looks like now, but with more choices. Hope you find these suggestions helpful!
  2. I got a pretty simple question which I have theorized, but never been able to find an answer to; Does a clubs location matter in terms of interested players? For instance, if all other factors are equal, will a London club have an advantage compared to a club like Newcastle? This is obviously a factor in real life, but is it a thing in FM? If so, how much does it matter?
  3. Going back in time to save Leeds before they got relegated to League 1. Here is the link to the YouTube video, episode 1: https://youtu.be/wm71Cz_q92E It's my first let's play, so any feedback is appreciated!
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